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NJ Lawmakers Hopeful of Bill Protecting Students from Gambling

Lawmakers in New Jersey continue to work on a proposal that seeks to teach children about the dangers of compulsive gambling

Over the last few years, despite a slight setback by the pandemic, sports betting has been expanding rapidly in the United States. By now, more than 30 US states have legalized and introduced some form of legal sports wagering, while few have legalized the activity and are yet to launch it.

But along with the popularity of wagering on sports, come concerns about potential gambling harm and addiction among vulnerable groups such as students. In that line of thought, lawmakers in several states are currently trying to protect children via education.

One such proposal is also slowly gaining traction in New Jersey, although one of its main sponsors is no longer a part of the state legislation. Bill A5308, introduced in mid-March, was referred to the Assembly Tourism, Gaming and the Arts Committee shortly after.

Overall, the proposal calls for delivering information on the risks of compulsive gambling to students. If the bill gains further traction and is signed into law, New Jersey students will be provided with vital information about the dangers of compulsive gambling. Given that this happens, such information will be a part of the state’s learning standards.

Each school district that includes grades nine through 12, or any combination thereof, shall incorporate instruction on the potential risks of compulsive gambling into the curriculum for students as part of the district’s implementation of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in Comprehensive Health and Physical Education,

reads Bill A5308

Proposal Hopefully Gains Traction before the Summer Break

The primary sponsors of the bill are Ralph Caputo, Mila Jasey, as well as Daniel Benson. Sadly, the bill hasn’t gained much traction and one of its main sponsors, Caputo, recently resigned to become a part of the Board of an insurance company. Now, a report released by SportsHandle, reveals that Benson, one of the main sponsors of the bill, hopes that the proposal will gain traction.

He explained that lawmakers are currently checking which proposals can get traction before the “budget break” that starts in mid-June. Benson acknowledged the importance of the bill and stressed that besides sports betting, iGaming has also been legal for a long time in New Jersey.

According to Benson, advertising of iGaming and sports betting can be seen by children, while they can also witness family members engaging in such activities. “It’s something that is just part of life now. We should do everything we can to help these kids understand the risks and how to make rational decisions,” he explained.

Finally, Benson pointed to studies and research that outline the risk of developing addiction at a young age. Clearly, there’s support for proactive education and helping children better understand the risks of gambling not only in New Jersey but in other states as well. However, ultimately, it will be up to the lawmakers to push forward and make meaningful changes.


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