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NFLPA Inks a Data-Driven Deal with Sports Data Labs

The National Football League Players Association, a labor union representing elite football players, has joined forces with Sports Data Labs, a venture-backed leader in the collection, analysis, and distribution of sports data. The latter will collect sports data from NFL players to help their careers.

Sports Data Labs to Work with the NFLPA

Sports Data Labs will use its proven data collection methods to analyze the performance of NFL elites. The company uses numerous cutting-edge solutions such as sensors and sensing systems to analyze players’ capabilities. This data can then be used for a large variety of monetization opportunities.

Sports data fuels many sports initiatives such as fantasy sports, odds and non-fungible tokens and is a key part of professional sports. Therefore, the job of data specialists such as Sports Data Labs is crucial for the continued evolution of the sector. The data company will use the collected information to help improve player safety and health, as well as to support medical research in sports.

A Big Step Towards the Empowerment of NFL Players

The NFLPA realizes the importance of sports data and is glad to be working together with Sports Data Labs. To demonstrate its commitment, the labor union secured an ownership stake in the company as a part of the deal. Furthermore, Sean C. Sansiveri, the union’s general counsel and head of business affairs, will join the data firm’s board as an observer.

Sansiveri spoke about the deal with Sports Data Labs and called it a “big step” towards the empowerment of NFL players. He noted that this will help professional athletes monetize their own performance data. Because of that, Sansiveri and the rest of the union are thrilled to be working together with Sports Data Labs.

Mark Gorski, the chief executive officer and co-founder of Sports Data Labs, also shared his thoughts on the matter. He promised that the deal will create “entirely new value” for NFL players.

The NFLPA is the preeminent players’ association that has pioneered the protection and monetization of athlete-based intellectual property. We are excited to support the NFLPA’s mission to promote and advance the economic opportunities for NFL players through the use and commercialization of their performance data.

Mark Gorski, CEO, Sports Data Labs

Last year, the NFLPA struck a deal with the casino and daily fantasy specialist DraftKings. Thanks to that agreement, the operator agreed to mint a brand new line of special gamified non-fungible tokens, featuring players from the Association.


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