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Newsday Criticizes Slow Process for Downstate NY Casinos

After the first round of consultations ended late last month, a second round of questions and answers for prospect licensees is open through October 6

Last year, New York confirmed plans for the development of three new downstate casinos. This sparked debate as many operators saw the potential of this opportunity, while local communities sought to determine how they would be impacted by the casinos. The development of those projects would also bring economic stimulus for different regions, offering temporary and permanent workplaces and raising tax revenue.

Now, a new report released by Newsday criticizes the slow progress of the three downstate casinos. Back in January, the Gaming Facility Location Board started accepting applications from potential candidates. The lengthy processes concluded with a 103-page document that included the Board’s answers to 613 questions by applicants requiring clarity on the topic.

In its recent op-ed, the publication criticized the slow progress, explaining that the Board needed 208 days to answer 613 questions, calculating that this timeframe represents less than three answered questions per day. Speaking about the application launch in January, it said that since then the “process has been anything but energetic.” What’s more, the recent report highlighted the incomplete and simplistic answers some of the applicants received.

The state board spent 208 days answering 613 questions from prospective applicants. That’s less than three questions per day. Some answers were thoughtful, helpful to the applicants, even insightful. But much of the Q&A contained simplistic and incomplete responses on trivial topics — like how much detail applicants should include in their submissions. The unsurprising and relatively unhelpful answer: the most detailed information possible,

reads the recent op-ed released by Newsday

A Second Round of Consultations Is Open through October

After the initial round of inquiries, operators have a new chance to ask more questions in a second round that will go through October 6, 2023. It is unclear when the answers to the second questions and answers session will be released. Yet, Newsday suggests that the Board should use this time to focus and evaluate its capabilities, ensuring it has enough resources and staffing to respond to upcoming queries faster. It added that the “rest of the process should be conducted in an open, efficient way.”

Without any doubt, the three new downstate casinos would bring benefits, considering that gambling companies are likely to spend hundreds of millions, if not billions, while competing for a license. This summer, the prominent casino operator, Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, along with the real estate investment and development firm, Silverstein Properties, confirmed their intentions to participate in the race for a casino license in downstate New York.


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