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New Skill-based Games Enter Nevada’s Regulated Casino Market

The Australian gaming developer Wymac is entering Nevada’s market following a licensing approval by the state regulator.

Wymac Skill Games Have Received License from Nevada’s Regulator

Nevada’s Gaming Control Board approved gaming license the Australian gaming developer Wymac Development this Thursday. The regulator’s decision was kept on hold since March, due to the state emergency surrounding novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Now that Wymac has a license, the developer will be able to bring new skill-based games to Nevada’s casino players.

The company is teaming up with casinos based in Las Vegas, as well as another established gaming giant, IGT. IGT and Wymac first teamed up back to 2017, when the IGT entered into a multi-year agreement with Crown Resorts and Wymac-owned New Gaming Pty Ltd. Now that Wymac has a license for the state of Nevada, IGT will be able to spread the famous skill-based games “Bloomtopia” and “Fortunes of the Brave“.

But what do the games feature? The skill-based “Fortunes of the Brave” is a five-reel slot game. There are some 200 different ways to win the game and of course a skill-based element. The game lets the player fight enemies with the help of weapons and spells. In-game currencies are rewarded so that the player can improve the weapon arsenal as well as the spells which are used in the battle. A similar game by Betsoft Gaming is “Max Quest”.

The second title, “Bloomptopia” is also a five-reel casino slot game. Players have the ability to grow a virtual garden by planting seeds and modify the environment. Non-monetary rewards are sunlight, water, and seeds which allow the player to develop the garden. By progressing, players also receive monetary awards as well as unlock more game content. Both games have the ability to save the progress of the player so that the game can be started from where it was left.

Insight on Skill-Based Games

Skill-based casino games haven’t been around for a long time. Rumor has it that the first skill-based casino game was developed by GameCo. The game is called “Danger Arena” and it is a first-person shooter casino game, which appeared Caesars casinos in Atlantic City late in 2016.

Since then, skill-based casino entertainment has been mainly developed in the US and such machines have been placed in Las Vegas, Nevada, New Mexico, Southern California, Oklahoma. Such gaming machines were also seen on cruise-liners, too. Pioneers in the skill-based game development are GameCo and Gamblit Gaming. However, this game type quickly got the attention of other industry giants such as Wymac Gaming Solutions, Scientific Games, Next Gaming, Konami and Synergy Blue.

One might wonder why this genre is gaining popularity, considering that casino revenues are high, meaning there is no need for rapid innovation. The main reason is that developers are trying to get the attention of the younger population. While with traditional gaming, a prize may only be won by the luckiest player participating in various tournaments, skill-based casino gaming involves the players and rewards them as well. Keeping in mind that young people might find a traditional slot game rather unappealing, skill-based casino games have carved their own niche. So far, skill-based casino games include shooting games, card games, puzzles, racing games and more. Looking at the ever-growing casino entertainment industry, one can only imagine what is in store for players next.


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