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New Rules on Gambling Ads Safeguard the UK Youth

New rules on gambling advertising seeking to protect the youth in the UK came into effect late last week on October 1, 2022. Now, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), urged marketers to ensure compliance with the updated rules. 

Gambling and Lotteries Affected by New Rules for Advertising

The newly enforced rules seek to reduce the appeal of content related to lotteries and gambling to children and young people. Those new rules without a doubt will impact the way gambling brands, as well as lotteries, advertise their products. This is because the updated rules prohibit content, including characters, themes and imagery, which may appeal to under-18s, to be used in such ads.

Marketers must now ensure that their campaigns are compliant.

Advertising Standards Authority

The new rules restrict the participation of top soccer players in different gambling ads on social media. This is because many famous soccer players have a wide audience that includes individuals under the age of 18. Similarly, sportspeople that are famous or have a large audience among the young population will not be allowed to participate in gambling ads on social media.

This will significantly impact gambling advertisers looking to promote their brands using prominent sports people and celebrities as well as individuals like social media influencers, who are of strong appeal to those under 18,

explained ASA

Under the new rules, any reference to video games, gameplay or popular video game characters that may appeal to the younger generation is prohibited. Besides sports and video games, stars from reality shows or other popular shows that may appeal to the younger demographic won’t be permitted to participate in gambling ads. The same applies to celebrities such as social media influencers and other famous people that may appeal to under-18s.

The Tough Rules Seek to Protect the Young Demographic

The ASA acknowledged that it will now “consider complaints about the content of gambling and lotteries ads to ensure that it is not likely to appeal strongly to children and young people.” The Authority also acknowledged that the updated rules complement the efforts of the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) to protect vulnerable individuals and young adults.

The implementation of the new rules comes after earlier this year, GambleAware conducted research that probed into the impact of gambling ads in the UK. The research uncovered that the implementation of regulatory changes may have a positive impact and help protect young adults and under-18s from gambling.


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