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New Jersey Voters Have Made Their Choice on In-State College Sports Betting

Yesterday was an important day in New Jersey. It was an opportunity for residents to determine whether or not the state should expand its sports betting market to include wagers on in-state college teams and college games played in the state. The votes are still being counted, but the numbers are already indicating that there is a clear winner.

New Jersey Voters Control Sports Betting Fate

New Jersey was responsible for getting the Supreme Court to nix PASPA in 2018, pushing for all states to be able to decide whether to allow legal sports betting within their borders. Its efforts paid off and the state was among the first to welcome sportsbooks soon after that May 2018 decision. However, lawmakers decided that wagers on in-state college teams, regardless of where they play, and any college game that took place within New Jersey’s boundaries shouldn’t be allowed.

Three years later, state residents were given the opportunity to decide if those provisions should remain intact, or if the sports betting market should be expanded to include them. Surveys taken over the past couple of months ahead of the vote had indicated that the idea was not garnering a lot of support from the community, but the race was too close to call until the votes were made and counted.

New Jersey residents made their preferences known yesterday. The official decision has not yet been released since not all of the votes are in, but the separation in “yes” and “no” votes is enough that a winner can already be called.

Better Luck Next Time

According to several news outlets, 57% of the voters rejected the idea, while 43% thought it would be a good move. That was as of 10 PM Tuesday night and, while the final results won’t be available for a few days as mail-in and provisional ballots are counted, it appears that college sports betting will stay off the menu.

Another ballot entry found a little more support. Voters were asked whether charitable organizations should be able to utilize certain types of gambling to fund their entities’ efforts. According to the latest available figures, this idea has the support of over 64% of the voters. Around 35% said no.

New Jersey is also facing a possible change at the top level, as well. Governor Phil Murphy and his strongest opponent, Jack Ciattarelli, are now neck-and-neck in the polls, separated by less than 1% of the total votes. Around 84% of the votes have been tallied so far, and the incumbent’s victory is proving more elusive than previously expected.


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