June 14, 2023 3 min read


New Jersey Launches More Tools to Fight Problem Gambling

The Garden State has introduced two new solutions designed to help it tackle problem gambling in the jurisdiction

The solutions in question are a dedicated hotline that will allow local residents to get in touch with an addiction specialist and seek help from trained staff as well as a self-exclusion gaming register which is designed to block consumers’ access to licensed operators within the state.

DGE and AG Want to Strengthen Responsible Gambling in NJ

The new helpline is available at 1-833-788-4-DGE, and it’s an initiative of New Jersey AG Matthew Platkin and the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) and its director, David Rebuck. The hotline will allow people who are struggling with controlling their habits to seek out help and set up an in-person appointment with one of the specialists capable of guiding problem gamblers on their further journey to recovery.

Self-exclusion in the meantime could be done by either excluding patrons from land-based venues or online sites, or both. Players can also contact the DGE-trained specialists through a new video conference option that will make the experience of reaching out for help more personal, meaningful, and ultimately impactful.

The two new tools are the direct result of months of work and passionate advocacy for the introduction of more comprehensive tools designed to protect consumers. Even prior to 2018, New Jersey has been a hub for gaming, with a revitalized focus on responsible gambling seeking to make the state future-proof and protect vulnerable consumers.

Meanwhile, Platkin is also committed to pushing through with new advertising standards that would ask operators to advertise in a more consumer-centric way that focuses on protecting and informing players about the risks of gambling more so than promoting bonuses and offers.

Offering New Resources to Operators, Players, and the State

The DGE has also selected its first responsible gaming coordinator, a clear sign that officials are more serious than ever about advancing meaningful responsible gambling practices. Jamie McKelvey, the deputy AG, has been selected to work in this new position, and she will now work with various problem-gambling specialists to advance practices that allow to protect consumers, raise awareness for the issue and educate people about the risks associated with gambling.

DGE is also readying the launch of a new Responsible Gaming landing page which will feature more information about the new self-exclusion program, and consistent reports by Rutgers University which will focus on better understanding how internet casinos and sports betting is affecting consumers. The page will also feature regulatory guidance on best practices for operators.


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