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New Hampshire Passes HB 1203, Prevents Casinos from Charging Charities Rent

Governor Sununu explained that the measure seeks to support the invaluable work of charities in the state

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has passed a new legislation that would prevent the charging of rent to nonprofits that benefit from gambling at charity casinos. The change, outlined in House Bill 1203, comes in the wake of complaints from the charity sector.

According to leaders of nonprofit organizations, the rents casino operators charged them for facilities and equipment varied greatly. This effectively hurt some companies that wished to benefit from gambling on historical horse racing machines, the most profitable form of gambling currently offered in New Hampshire.

Governor Sununu explained that the measure seeks to support the invaluable work of charities in the state. He explained that a win for charity gaming is a win for many other people too.

By signing this bill into law, New Hampshire is ensuring that charities retain valuable earnings that serve to benefit the good work they do across the Granite State; a win for charity gaming, the charities it benefits, and the people they serve!

Gov. Chris Sununu

As the bill was passed into law, it received support from charity game operators. Nonprofit companies expressed their approval and were glad that the change was introduced without debate.

New Hampshire Casino Was Forced to Close

Speaking of New Hampshire, Andy Sanborn, a former New Hampshire state Senator and owner of Concord Casino, was recently accused of misappropriating almost a million dollars in COVID relief funds. According to the allegations, Sanborn misused some $844,000 in Small Business Administration (SBA) loans.

Authorities say that the misappropriated money was used to fuel a lavish lifestyle. The ex-Senator allegedly bought expensive cars and paid himself a huge salary.

Concord Casino was shut down amid the investigation and had its license suspended. Sanborn, however, did not appeal the decision within the frame he was provided. As per the New Hampshire Lottery Commission’s decision, Sanborn will be required to sell the venue within six months.


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