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New EPIC Risk Management Study Published Ahead of Government White Paper

EPIC Risk Management has published its own assessment of critical topics in the UK gambling industry

The study Gambling Harm Prevention in Sport Review was led by EPIC’s Pro Sport Advisory Board (PSAB), established in October 2021, and focuses on recommendations for professional sports clubs, leagues, and governing bodies to tackle problem gambling.

EPIC Emphasizes the Need for a Collaborative Approach to Partnerships

Of particular interest to betting industry stakeholders, EPIC has provided guidelines for sports organizations on commercial partnerships and other business arrangements, which have come under scrutiny as part of the government review. 

Ben McGregor, EPIC’s Director of Sports Partnerships, said that the Gambling Harm Prevention in Sport Review is the result of a year of key discussions from informed individuals and institutions who are taking proactive steps to minimize the potential risks of gambling harm within their sectors and have the experience to advise others on how to do the same.

In terms of commercial partnerships, EPIC recommends that sports organizations entering into agreements with gambling groups should incorporate mandatory gambling harm education programs into their contracts. They should also adopt a collaborative approach that places safer gambling promotion at the forefront of the partnership and develop an organization-wide strategy to deliver the message. 

EPIC stressed that sports organizations concerned about the public perception of engaging in commercial partnerships with betting and casino firms should take note of the recommendation for a collaborative approach.

McGregor further added that PSAB’s hard work doesn’t stop with this study, and they will seek to bring new voices to the collective, expand the markets and competitions they represent through their membership, and continue to share best practices, seek advice, and adapt their offering to benefit even more sports people and their networks worldwide.

EPIC Highlights Research Is Pivotal for Addressing Problem Gambling

There have been instances of fan backlash against betting sponsorship deals, such as the partnership between Aston Villa and BK8, and the deal signed by Everton, which faced criticism from some segments of the club’s support.

In its review, EPIC noted that there has been a significant increase in the promotion of betting in sports through commercial agreements and advertising, leading to a perception that gambling is a normal part of sports. The rise in popularity of in-play betting and technological advancements in gambling have further complicated the issue.

With the ever-growing role of digital technology in gambling, EPIC stated that there is a greater need for digital resources to address problem gambling. The group noted that despite recent progress in gambling research, there are still significant gaps in the data, particularly around gambling among female athletes and younger athletes, which limits evidence-led practices in these areas. EPIC emphasized that research is crucial for decision-making and that gambling corporations and governing bodies should fund it.


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