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New Bill Could See GambetDC Sportsbook App Monopoly Ended

GambetDC has been known to be buggy and hasn’t been satisfactory for many users. A new bill aims to introduce competition to the market and see it flourish and perform and the levels it deserves. Neighboring states already have multiple operators and their successes should provide the DC with valuable lessons.

Out with GambetDC, In with Competition

DC Councilmember Elissa Silverman introduced a bill that could see GambetDC’s monopoly on online sports betting in the District of Columbia come to an end. GambetDC was developed by the Greek gaming giant Intralot for the DC Lottery in 2019 and it has had a rather rocky history so far. The idea behind the sole-source contract back then was that this would enable the state to quickly capture the market of the surrounding states of Maryland and Virginia.

The new bill will see what its future will hold by the end of the 24th Council Period that ends its two-year duration later this year. If it doesn’t pass by then, there’s still the option to introduce it at the beginning of the 25th Council Period set to start next year, ending in 2024. This is not too likely, however, especially if the bill’s sole purpose is to open up the district to multiple sports betting apps. The criticisms of GambetDC and its shortcomings should make it a relatively easy decision to pass the bill.

However, the proposed legislation carries the title Sports Wagering and Fair Competition Amendment Act of 2022, and has multiple focal points. For starters, we already established that it would allow any company to apply for an operational license for online and mobile sports betting apps in the District. It’s important to note, however, that the bill also requires Intralot’s contract to be completely terminated following its 2024 expiration date without an option to renew.

Much Needed Changes Bring New Outlook

Silverman’s legislation is also proposing equalization with Virginia and Maryland’s 15% tax rate. The bill would also see competitive bidding for future sports betting operations, as well as for contracts to run the lottery system in DC. This is a very important point, as proponents of the Intranet contract argued that it would help keep regulatory costs down while also increasing the District’s profits from sports betting.

While this might have made sense back then, competitive markets with players such as BetMGM, FanDuel and DraftKings have already proven that variety and competition breed a better service and experience for the end-user. This, in turn, should also prove to increase profits simply because bettors can enjoy the experience and bet more, resulting in both more activity and participation, as well as more revenue.

There’s evidence that either strategy could be beneficial, however, this type of change might be necessary for the District. GambetDC has been known to fail bettors and fans at the worst possible moment, exemplified in February this year, when it stopped working during the Super Bowl. While improvements to app have been made, it’s usually still considered to be lagging behind its competition, and sometimes even updates would break the app. So, no matter which model works better in theory, if it doesn’t work in practice, as is the case with GambetDC, then it’s most probably time for change.


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