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Nevada’s Wendover Nugget Casino the Latest to Introduce Cashless Gambling

Maverick Gaming has become the latest casino operator to embrace digital payments at its venues. It has announced that it is introducing cashless payments to its slot machines at the Wendover Nugget in Nevada, following a trend that has gained popularity over the past year. The technology is provided by cashless gaming developer Marker Trax and Maverick will ultimately include the technology at three more casinos it operates in Nevada.

More Casinos Turn to Cashless Gambling

Being able to make digital purchases at devices like slot machines and vending machines isn’t a new concept, but it has gained significant interest over the past year. The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a concern over the transmission of the virus through contact with paper money, becoming the impetus for change. The Wendover Nugget, which sits close to the Nevada-Utah border, will include the Marker Trax technology on over 600 slot and video poker machines at the property. Maverick Chief Operating Officer Justin Beltram is “excited” about the implementation of the system and expects it to be included in more properties.

To use the system, gamblers will need to apply for an account with Marker Trax, which they can do either online or through a mobile app. There is no cost for registering and casino patrons will easily be able to purchase credits at a machine of their choosing. They can also monitor their spending and play time to stay within their budget. The Wendover Nugget joins several other casinos in Nevada, as well as other states, to use the Marker Trax system, including Ellis Island Casino, STRAT Resort and more.

Cashless Options Rise In Popularity

The push for electronic payments at casinos started receiving more support in 2019 as a way to help reduce potential fraud and contact slot gaming, as well as to increase safety. Cashless options are seen as a way to combat addiction and increase transparency and have continued to receive more support from gamblers and regulators. Marker Trax has an established presence in several states and, earlier this year, International Game Technology (IGT) added Nevada to its cashless payments footprint after it received approval to introduce its Resort Wallet option by gaming regulators. IGT had already been active in New York, as well as in other states.

The introduction of Marker Trax to Maverick’s Nevada casinos is a stepping stone toward greater inclusion. The operator has three casinos in Colorado and 19 cardrooms in Washington State and is likely to offer the cashless system in all of its properties. Within just a few years, the use of cashless payments in the global casino industry is expected to be the preferred alternative.


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