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Nevada Gaming Control Board Adds Another Offender to its Black Book

The Nevada Gaming Control Board could be adding another offender to its notorious Black Book, the list of people that are not allowed to enter any of the state’s gambling venues, which is officially called the List of Excluded Persons.

37th Person To be Added to the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Black Book

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that the Nevada Gaming Control Board has nominated Leonard Morgan Hairston to become the 37th person to be included in the List of Excluded Persons.

The nomination is subject to the approval of the Nevada Gaming Commission, which will probably take place either at the end of October or at the beginning of November.

Hairston is a serial offender who has been arrested 34 times so far on various crimes mainly involving fraud with fake casino chips.

Brittnie Watkins, who is a member of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, has stated that it was easy to put Hairston on the List of Excluded Persons as his crimes are directly connected to gambling and are harming the Nevada casino industry.

One example of Hairston’s many offenses is from 2004. In December that year, Hairston succeeded in cashing out two fake casino chips at the Fremont, which the cashier found to be counterfeit the next day.

A few days later he tried to do the same at Fitzgeralds but the cashier was not that easily fooled and called security. When Hairston was caught, he had two mock $100 Hard Rock Hotel chips on him and fake $100 chips from Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, and Luxor.

Deputy Attorney General John Michela pointed to the huge volume of criminal activity Hairston has been involved in as one of the main reasons to put him on the list.

Hairston Is the Second Addition to the Black Book in the Past Three Months

Hairston is a more likely candidate for the Nevada Gaming Control Board Black Book than the Board’s previous nomination, which was approved in August.

Kendric Laronte Weatherspoon was involved in sex trafficking in Las Vegas casinos and this was the reason for him to be added to the List of Excluded Persons. He was the first individual who is not involved with the mafia or had not committed a crime involving gambling activities.

Due to this, the Nevada Gaming Commission found it difficult to decide as the connection between Weatherspoon and the Nevada gambling industry was indirect.

However, the addition of Weatherspoon reverberates with the commitment of the office of Nevada US attorney Jason Frierson to fight human trafficking in the state.


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