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Nevada Gaming Commission Clears Path for Casinos to Accept Esports Bets

The decision, made after a lengthy deliberation, signifies a pivotal moment for the gaming industry, with Nevada aiming to spearhead esports wagering in the United States

The Nevada Gaming Commission has given the green light to casinos to accept bets on esports competitions, aligning these digital contests with traditional sports events. 

Nevada Casinos Face Hurdles in Embracing Esports Betting

Esports, competitive video gaming with a global fan base, has surged in popularity, drawing crowds comparable to major sporting events. Nevada’s casinos, eager to tap into this burgeoning market, have faced challenges in obtaining approval for esports betting, hindering the industry’s growth. However, the recent decision promises to change this landscape, reported The Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The Nevada Esports Technical Advisory Committee, in collaboration with the Gaming Control Board, had prepared recommendations for the Commission. While these suggestions were largely embraced, one contentious issue took center stage: the inclusion of a provision for drug testing in esports, a measure not imposed on traditional sports.

The proposal met fervent opposition from various quarters, including the Entertainment Software Association, a key representative body for the gaming industry. They argued that implementing anti-doping measures was both logistically and financially daunting, especially given the global nature of esports tournaments. Participants, often scattered across the world, compete remotely, making standardized drug testing impractical.

Nevada Lifts Doping Rules, Paving the Way for Esports Betting Boom

Commission Chairman Jennifer Tagliotti expressed reservations about the feasibility of enforcing doping regulations, calling the idea “nice” but practically unworkable. Consequently, the Commission decided to remove the contentious doping provision from the final regulations. The move was met with relief from operators and industry insiders who had feared that stringent regulations could stifle the growth of esports betting in the state.

Brittnie Watkins, a member of the Gaming Control Board, emphasized the importance of effective integrity standards in esports, stating that sportsbooks must ensure fair play and report suspicious activities. Watkins also reassured that the removal of the doping requirement did not dilute the need for stringent integrity measures, and sportsbooks would have the flexibility to conduct their due diligence on esports events.

Seth Schorr, chairman of the Downtown Grand and a prominent voice in the esports community, hailed the decision as a significant step forward. He stressed the potential of esports betting to engage new demographics of bettors and diversify product offerings within the gaming industry. According to an iGB 2023 Esports report published in March this year, the global esports industry thrived amid the pandemic, experiencing significant growth in 2022 with a revenue of $1.38 billion, up by 21.8% from the previous year, and a global audience of 532 million, marking an 8.7% increase. North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific lead in esports viewership and revenue, while Latin America emerges as a promising region.


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