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Nevada: Casino Bar Fight Sends Man to Prison after Hitting a Woman

The culprit was sentenced between 24 and 60 months in prison after the attack that injured a woman, causing her to lose two teeth and suffer from upper jaw injuries

An old saying says that men should never hit women. While many men know this saying, one person who was allegedly involved in a fight at a casino bar may have missed it. The person, identified with the initials L.L.B., 48, was recently sentenced to prison for his involvement in the fight that resulted in injuries to one victim.

The incident dates back to November 2021 after a fight that took place at the former Hard Rock Casino in Stateline, Nevada. The person identified for the assault was sentenced to between 24 and 60 months in prison, a report released by the Tahoe Daily Tribune reveals.

The 48-year-old was involved in the fight which resulted in injuries to an unnamed woman. Upon sentencing, he was taken into custody by the sheriff’s office, with his sentence coming into force immediately. CCTV footage of the incident showed the attacker engaging in an argument with the victim’s party. Douglas County District Court Judge Thomas Gregory said about the evidence material: “The video is important because it answers the question whether it was intentional.”

A Bar Fight Results in Injuries for a Woman

The crime involved two different parties that engaged in an intense argument. The CCTV footage showed that one of the groups left the casino bar, followed by the 48-year-old culprit. He was then seen approaching the victim’s group. In an attempt for them to be left alone, one person struck the 48-year-old. Then, a woman stood between them in an effort to stop the fight and prevent escalation of the conflict.

This did not end well for the woman who was hit by the 48-year-old man. He then proceeded to hit another man from the victim’s group. The female victim suffered from injuries, including a fractured upper jaw and lost two teeth.

During the recent sentencing, the victim said: “He said I got caught up in the middle of the fight, but he locked eyes with me before he hit me.” Moreover, the woman said about the culprit: “He knew what he was doing.”

During the sentencing, it wasn’t confirmed whether or not the attacker suffered any injuries. It remains unclear whether the men from the victim’s party were injured during the attack. The reason for the dispute between the two parties was also not disclosed.


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