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Nevada and Mississippi Are the Most Gambling-Addicted States, Says Study

The results of a recent study by WalletHub reveal which US state is most affected by gambling. According to the study, Nevada is the most gambling-addicted state, followed by Mississippi.

Recent Study Answers How Much Is Each US State Affected by Gambling

The popularity of sports betting in the United States continues to increase. Nearly two dozen states have already legalized the activity. Many more are still in the process of introducing bills proposing the legalization. While sports wagering popularity grows, so does the addition to gambling.

According to a recent study by WalletHub, Nevada holds first place as the most gambling-addicted state. Second, comes Mississippi, followed by South Dakota, Montana, and Louisiana. The study compared the fifty US states, seeking to find where excessive gambling is most prevalent.

Furthermore, the study outlined that gambling-related losses yearly in the US may reach more than $100 billion. While female gambling addicts may accumulate some $15,000 as debt, the sums for male gambling addicts are significantly higher and reach between $55,000 and $90,000. Furthermore, most gamblers who have debts cannot pay back what they owe.

Although the study ranked Nevada as the most gambling-addicted state, Mississippi ranked first with the highest percentage of adults with gambling disorders. Second place took Minnesota, while Kansas came third. The study placed New Jersey fourth, and Nevada as the fifth state with the highest percentage of adults with gambling disorders.

On the bright side, the report placed Utah as the least gambling-addicted state, followed by North Carolina, Maine, and Michigan. Furthermore, if we focus on the state with the lowest percentage of adults with gambling disorders we find Michigan. According to the study, the second state with the lowest percentage of adults with gambling disorders is Kentucky, followed by Florida and Connecticut. While Mississippi ranked as the second most gambling-addicted state, neighboring Alabama, which considers expanding gambling ranked 21st.


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