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Netherlands to Introduce Affordability Checks, Enhanced Duty of Care

New rules that seek to bolster player protection will affect gambling operators starting from October 1, 2024

The gambling regulator in the Netherlands, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), published important changes to the country’s Responsible Gaming Policy Rules. The changes are expected to come into force a few months from now and seek to strengthen the rules related to player protection and responsible gambling.

In particular, the KSA said that under the new rules, that promote a safer gambling market, operators will be required to conduct affordability checks. Gamblers between the ages of 18 and 24 who deposit €300 ($330) or more would be subject to spending checks. Similar checks would be applicable to individuals aged 24 and older who deposit €700 ($760) or more.

The operators will be obligated to determine whether the gamblers can afford to spend such sums. In case the consumers cannot prove that they can afford to gamble, a mandatory block on their account must be enforced by the gambling operator. The block would be in effect for the duration of the month.

Per the change, online casinos operating in the Netherlands are expected to protect consumers from excessive gambling. Similar spending checks have been discussed in other markets, including the UK, where concerns were raised that tough restrictions may benefit the black market.

Today the Gaming Authority (KSA) publishes the amended Responsible Gaming Policy Rule. The KSA is thus taking a major step towards realizing a safer online gaming market,

reads a statement released by the KSA

Online Gambling Operators Will Intervene Faster in Problem Gambling Cases

Besides spending checks, operators in the Netherlands will be subject to tougher requirements for real-time monitoring of the activities of their customers. Under the enhanced duty of care, the operators will have to monitor, analyze, detect and intervene in cases of suspected problem gambling.

Per the new rules, the required turnaround for the activity would be quite short. iGaming operators would have to intervene by contacting the player within one hour. Not only will the gambling operators have to quickly react, but they also have to be available to do so 24/7, ensuring robust player protection.

The KSA acknowledged that to implement changes, the operators require time. To ensure compliance with the new rules, the iGaming providers would need to make changes to their systems and even recruit new employees. This is why the enhanced duty of care and spending checks will be enforced as of October 1, 2024.

How the upcoming changes will affect the sector remains to be seen. It is important to note that the changes come after consultation organized by the KSA and the analysis of feedback from stakeholders within the gambling sector.


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