August 11, 2022 3 min read


NetGaming Joins Livespins to Stream Casino Slots

NetGaming, an innovative online casino content developer and studio known for games such as Dragon Fortress, has signed a new partnership with Livespins, joining the iGaming revolution. As a result, NetGaming’s full suite of slots will now be available through the innovative streaming platform, raising awareness for the studio’s distinct products but also helping Livespins bring more worthwhile and quality content to consumers.

NetGaming’s Player-Favorite Games Now on Livespins

As a result, Livespins partner streamers will be able to showcase popular titles by NetGaming such as Dragon Fortress – Battle of the Castle, 3 Wild Jokers, MTV Pimp My Ride, Skulls Gone Wild, and Shelby Online Video Slot. The partnership is intended at elevating the slot experience and introducing players to a brand new way of playing slot games and sharing the experience with others.

Livespins has upped the slot ante by creating a brand new experience that turns slot audiences into engaged co-players who can participate in the gameplay while they still spectate others play. The concept is unique and it enables players to chat with streamers and bet on the rounds they wish to all throughout a streamer’s experience.

Streamers are still a driving force here, but Livespins wishes to bring in more popular studios and make sure that it can engage with more players who enjoy innovative slot content. Livespins CCO Michael Pedersen had this to say:

Content plays a huge part in the success of a stream, so it is vital that we continue to onboard the best providers in the business and NetGaming certainly hits the standard of content Livespins, our streamers and, of course, players are seeking.

Livespins CCO Michael Pedersen

He welcomed the opportunity to be teaming up with NetGaming and the company’s excellent content. NetGaming has been aiming for innovation from the start, developing branded and NFT-inspired slot experiences.

The Slot Revolution Will Be Streamed

Meanwhile, Pedersen is confident that Livespins will continue to change the social fabric of iGaming and online casino play. NetGaming CEO Pallavi Deshmukh welcomed this opportunity as well and said that slot streaming is only going to become bigger, reminiscent of the limitless opportunities Pedersen spoke about himself earlier this year.

Livespins is an innovative and disruptive entity in the market, Deshmukh said and added that she was pleased that NetGaming is able to be part of this profound change in the vertical. NetGaming has plenty of games worthy of streaming as well.


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