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NetGaming Announces Winner of Character Naming Contest

NetGaming’s new game “Dragon Fortress – Battle of the Castle” is a promising new installment in the company’s growing portfolio of unique and innovation-driven games. The up-and-coming iGaming developer announced the “Every Hero needs a Name!” competition last week in which it appealed to the community to come up with a unique title for the titular character of the latest release.

Name Worthy of History

The contest ran from June 10 through June 13 and has now ended and the company revealed the winner’s name and the choice of a name for the main character who will be known as “Colin the Conqueror.” The winning entry was submitted by Sam Gascoyne who emailed the suggestion to NetGaming and will now forever have his own name immortalized in the iGaming community.

Dragon Fortress – Battle of the Castle is a game that continues NetGaming’s tradition for innovation with the studio developing an arcade-based experience that uses nostalgic albeit polished graphics to suck people into a unique gaming experience. The name of the main character will only add to the authenticity and create a more memorable experience.

The plot of this medieval, arcade-style game is actually quite straightforward. There is Colin who sets out to commit various feats of bravery and add to his own reputation. As he treads through the gameplay, he embarks on a mission throughout a castle with every door bringing him more opportunities to become rich and famous.

Quest with the Hero and Defeat the Dragon

There are random wilds, wild reels, and coin win. There are treasure chests overflowing with multipliers, bonus picks, lotteries, and free spins! But a challenge still lurks as the proverbial hero is faced with challenges that may cost him dearly, especially if the dragon guarding the treasure finds out that Colin has been ransacking his plunder.

The game itself was inspired by NetGaming’s Nat playing Goombas and Bowsers in Super Mario, thus leading the development team to come up with the arcade look of the title. The math was easy to figure out once a design was in place, and what remained to do was make sure that the character and environment are fun to play with. In fact, the player journey was a priority for the developers as they sought to craft a true adventure-style game.

The result is one of a kind arcade-slot combination. There is the nostalgic feeling to appeal to older generations, but also the dynamic gameplay to pique new players’ fancy. There are boss fights and mystery rewards, which makes for an intriguing experience altogether.

Meanwhile, Colin though is not easily cowered by the dragon and he takes his fine sword on a daring journey to not only liberate the treasure but also defeat the dragon. With a name like Colin the Conqueror, Sam Gascoyne is a hero all by himself. As to Gascoyne – he is enjoying his own NetGaming goodie bag!


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