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NeoGames Broadens European Footprint with Four-Year LEIA Dea

The leading online lottery and iGaming solutions provider is now free to supply its top-notch content to prominent lotteries in France and Scandinavia

NeoGames’ four-year agreement with Lotteries Entertainment Innovation Alliance AS (LEIA) further solidifies the supplier’s position as a key player in the iGaming industry, opening new avenues for success. The deal significantly strengthened NeoGames’ position before the upcoming Aristocrat acquisition, expanding the two companies’ shared opportunities with access to leading European markets.

The Partnership Creates Significant New Opportunities

The strategic partnership with LEIA marks a significant milestone for NeoGames, granting the company access to five new European markets. These feature some of the region’s most prominent national lotteries in Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, and Sweden. All five are current LEIA members, so NeoGames’ newest collaboration will enable the company to offer its innovative iGaming content and solutions to their extensive player bases.

The agreement will extend over four years, allowing NeoGames to establish a strong presence in these new markets, solidifying its position as a key supplier to national lotteries across Europe. LEIA CEO Morten Eriksen lauded NeoGames’ expertise, adding that its experience and impressive catalog of attracting offerings would help engage clients and create lasting value.

NeoGames is one of the leading providers within the industry, and we are sure that the individual lotteries will benefit greatly from their engaging portfolio of games.

Morten Eriksen, LEIA CEO

NeoGames’ wide-ranging content, which includes online scratch cards, instant win games, and a variety of slots, caters to diverse player preferences and creates an immersive gaming experience. The company’s content offerings have been well-received by players worldwide, granting LEIA member lotteries the ability to enhance their online offerings and attract new players.

NeoGames Remains Strong before Its Upcoming Acquisition

LEIA’s collaboration with NeoGames followed a robust RFP process, ensuring the supplier’s offerings were compatible with the needs of member lotteries. NeoGames Studio managing director Hili Shakked was excited regarding the new possibilities, expressing confidence that the company’s offerings would meet player expectations and bring lasting value.

Our range of premium games will enhance the content offering of the lotteries, supporting their growth within the industry and providing players with the best gaming experiences.

Hili Shakked, NeoGames Studio managing director

This collaboration places NeoGames in the perfect position ahead of the upcoming $1.2 billion acquisition by Aristocrat Leisure Limited. Such successes should substantially improve the supplier’s standing, hopefully resulting in more favorable conditions. The two companies plan to finalize the deal in the first half of fiscal year 2024, helping them leverage their strengths and contribute to their mutual growth.

With access to five new European markets, NeoGames is well-positioned to expand its business and provide even more players with exciting and innovative gaming experiences. As the iGaming industry maintains its growth, NeoGames remains at the forefront of innovation, delivering cutting-edge content and solutions to lottery operators and online gaming providers worldwide.

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