June 20, 2023 3 min read


NeoGames Becomes Newest Member of ULI in Sports

The organization fights to protect the integrity of sports betting, uniting high-profile companies against damaging practices like match-fixing and other forms of corruption

NeoGames’s position as an Associate Member at the United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports (ULIS) marks a significant milestone for the provider, reaffirming its position as a force for good in the industry. The membership grants valuable resources helping it maintain the highest standards of integrity and fair play.

Membership Comes with Significant Perks

Joining ULIS is a natural next step for NeoGames as the solution provider reaffirms its commitment to fostering a safe and transparent betting environment that protects the interests of players, sports organizations, and the broader industry. The leading solutions provider now stands among industry leaders like the World Lottery Association, The European Lotteries, and suppliers like Scientific Games.

ULIS provides a platform for sharing information, best practices, and expertise, safeguarding sports competition integrity. As the leading international association dedicated to integrity in sports betting, it aims to combat match-fixing and other unethical practices by fostering cooperation among lotteries, sports organizations, and relevant stakeholders. 

As members share knowledge and resources, they strengthen their collective ability to identify and prevent illicit activities, contributing to a healthier industry. NeoGames joining this prestigious group will help the provider retain compliance with regulations through a comprehensive collection of tools and software, hopefully preventing any accidental breaches.

Ongoing Acquisition Not Diminishing NeoGames’ Values

NeoGames’ commitment to a safe and fair industry is a significant boon to the company’s expansion efforts. The provider is on track to expand its presence in the US, Nevada as the local regulator unanimously recommended its licensing approval. Such a stellar reputation was also instrumental in NeoGames’ recent partnership with The European Lotteries, built upon their shared values.

Although NeoGames is undergoing its acquisition by gaming and entertainment company Aristocrat, the process has not diminished the provider’s core values and ambitions. NeoGames CEO Moti Malil noted that joining ULIS would help the company better uphold its reputation for fairness and transparency and foster a positive environment favoring businesses and consumers.

We are honored to join ULIS and contribute to its mission of promoting integrity in sports.

Moti Malil, NeoGames CEO

As NeoGames and ULIS work together, they set a positive example for other stakeholders to prioritize integrity and responsible sports betting and gaming practices. The increased trust in the NeoGames brand should also foster additional expansion opportunities, bolstering the company’s favorable financial results. This collaboration can impact the global sports betting landscape, strengthening ULIS’ robust integrity framework.

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