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Nebraska Gambling Regulator Considers Increasing Headcount

The gambling regulator in Nebraska reveals how important it is to increase its headcount amid the planned expansion of casino gambling in the state

Running a legal gambling venue is a complex process. It involves licensing, approvals, equipment and more importantly, a legal framework that outlines clearly the rules. With any market, the first step involves the legalization of the activity and the establishment of a gambling regulator.

Then, this regulator ensures that licensees adhere to the rules and constantly monitors retail and online gambling activities within the jurisdiction. One such gambling expansion is currently underway in Nebraska. But one challenge the regulator in the state is reportedly facing involves manpower.

Back in 2020, Nebraska voters showed overwhelming support for the expansion of gambling activities in the state to include casino gambling via horse racetracks. Since then, much has changed, and two temporary gambling locations opened their doors to visitors. A third temporary casino, located at Platte County Agricultural Park in Columbus recently secured a license from the state gambling regulator, the Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission (NRGC), and is expected to open its doors for visitors soon.

While the market in Nebraska seeks to grow and operators are eager to offer their services, the process of launching a gambling venue is complex and requires a lot of scrutiny, primarily from the gambling regulator. One challenge the NRGC is currently facing is the number of employees, a recent report by KETV suggests.

It was last summer when the regulator started hiring employees. Last year in June, the first license fees were received, allowing the NRGC to officially start hiring employees. In a year, from a total of three, now the regulator’s workforce is approximately 18 members. But according to Tom Sage, NRGC’s executive director, the current number of employees is “not near enough.”

More State Regulator Employees Will Be Needed

Sage explained that with more temporary and permanent casino properties opening doors, more Commission employees will be needed. He acknowledged that once Nebraska hits its full casino capacity, the NRGC may need between 50 and 60 employees.

A prime reason for that is to implement effective regulation, one that keeps minors away from the casino floors and ensures fair gambling entertainment. “We want to have personnel at these casinos 24 hours a day, and when I mean personnel, I mean state employees,” explained the Commission’s executive director.

According to Sage, the ultimate goal of the regulator is to see Nebraska residents and out-of-state guests “feel that our industry is regulated and they’re getting a fair shake.” He also spoke about the benefits gambling taxes bring to the state. Finally, Sage acknowledged that while increasing manpower can be a challenge, other states are surprised by the rate the Commission has been growing.


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