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NCPG Launches Helpline Promotional Toolkit and Analytics Dashboard

Keith Whyte, executive director of the council, said that his team is thrilled to be launching the new 1-800-GAMBLER resources

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) has launched a new toolkit that will make the promotion of the National Problem Gambling Helpline easier. In addition, the body released an analytics dashboard that provides information on incoming traffic to the helpline.

The National Problem Gambling Helpline, 1-800-GAMBLER, is a universal resource for Americans seeking help with their gambling behavior. The 1-800-GAMBLER number used today was first the number of New Jersey’s Council on Compulsive Gambling, which was later adopted by the NCPG because of how easy it is to remember.

The Toolkit Aligns Promotional Messaging

The new 1-800-GAMBLER Promotional Toolkit, according to the NCPG, is designed to help align messaging about the helpline across gambling companies, media, state agencies, healthcare services and other organizations that promote it to the public.

According to the NPGH, aligned and consistent messaging that promotes a universal point of contact is very important as it will make things clearer to the public. The toolkit will raise awareness of the helpline, teaching people that they can always use it to seek help. It encompasses a rich variety of resources such as brand guidelines, logos and social media content.

Companies that wish to promote 1-800-GAMBLER can find the toolkit for free on the NCPG website.

The Dashboard Will Help the NCPG Maintain Transparency

The council also unveiled the launch of a National Problem Gambling Helpline Analytics Dashboard. Just like the Promotional Toolkit, the dashboard is available for free.

The dashboard’s purpose is to “provide transparency and insight into the trends and patterns” of 1-800-GAMBLER traffic. It includes interactive charts and graphs, making it easy to find data for specific dates, states or contact methods.

The dashboard can be accessed on NCPG’s website for free.

The NCPG Is Excited about the Launch

Keith Whyte, NCPG’s executive director, said that his team is glad to be launching these resources. He noted that NCPG research shows only 45% of Americans know where to look for help with problem gambling.

We hope this toolkit will make it easier for organizations to raise awareness of the Helpline and connect people with the resources they need.

Keith Whyte, exec director, NCPG

Both of the newly-released solutions are part of the ongoing Helpline Modernization Project. Thanks to a grant from the NFL Foundation, the NCPG will be able to modernize the helpline and promote it to players across the US.

The modernization efforts will see the NCPG make improvements to the network services, training, operations and public awareness. The council hopes that more people will learn of the helpline and will use it when dealing with gambling problems.


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