January 28, 2022 3 min read

NCPG Launches Agility Grants to Fund Gambling Prevention Organizations

The US National Council on Problem Gambling has unveiled a new Agility Grant program that will support non-profit organizations in the fight against gambling harm.

The NCPG Launches an Agility Grants Program

The new program is sponsored by the National Football League Foundation and will see the council offer financial help to several gambling consultancies and organizations across the US. The NCPG plans to power between four and six such bodies by providing them with grants of somewhere between $20,000 and $40,000.

These investments will prioritize two main principles for the battle against problem gambling: prevention innovation and amplification. The beneficiaries of those Agility Grants are expected to take this philosophy in mind when providing problem gambling prevention in US areas where there are no dedicated anti-gambling harm organizations.

The organizations that will receive the Agility Grants will be selected among numerous applicants. When choosing among the applicants, the NCPG will take in mind whether they follow the required principles and will evaluate their strategies for combating problem gambling.

Non-profit organizations who seek to relieve the States from dangerous gambling tendencies can apply for the program and await approval. Organizations can submit their applications until February 22 this year. When applying, companies should specify which of the two core pillars they will take in mind – prevention innovation or amplification. One organization can vow to work towards one of the goals or both of them.

The organizations approved by the NCPG for the Agility Grant program will be announced in March. After that, the council envisions launching a second funding round for the summer/fall season.

NCPG Director Needed to Combat Problem Gambling

Keith Whyte, the executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling, spoke about the severity of gambling harm and the need to act upon it. He pointed out that most gambling prevention organizations tend to be working with the bare minimum of financing and want to change that.

Whyte explained that the grants are a step in the right direction for curbing the issue of problem gamblers.

“These Agility Grants will provide support and help build some much-needed momentum towards reducing the long-term personal, social and economic costs of problem gambling.”

NCPG director gambling Keith Whyte

Whyte is sure that this funding will inspire organizations to get creative, develop new approaches and find ways to enhance the efficiency of their prevention programs. He encouraged all eligible organizations to apply.

Organizations that are interested in applying for the NCPG’s Agility Grants can find more information on the council’s official website.


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