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NCPG Kicks Off March Gambling Awareness Month

March is the National Problem Gambling Awareness Month and as expected, there are a lot of great highlights with regards to how several entities around the United States are planning to combat gambling-related harm. Announced by the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), the whole of this month will be dedicated to providing help and support to anyone who is facing gambling problems.

Free Screening on March 10

The NCPG during its announcement named March 10 as the National Screening Day. However, in states like Chicago, the free screenings will extend beyond that date. Nicasa Behavioral Health Services, an organization in the state, will be offering these free screenings at its offices throughout the month. The organization has been working with both local and state governments to promote responsible gambling and this is by extension just a promotional campaign to further its agenda.

New York’s Focus on Preventing Underage Gambling

The New York State Gambling Commission has also not sidelined itself from the bid to promote responsible gambling in the United States. Its advocacy groups, public health organizations, and gambling operators have all come together to promote public awareness on problem gambling.

Perhaps the most notable efforts in this regard are some of the mechanisms that are now available to prevent underage gambling in the state. These include the launch of a new identification system, the formation of an alliance with the New York Association of Convenience Store as well as a public service campaign.

Pennsylvania Gaming Commission Launches Revamped Website

It goes without saying that Pennsylvania is currently one of the biggest gambling markets in the whole of the United States. Just like any other huge gaming market, issues related to problem gambling have been quite significant and, thankfully, they are working on ways of combating them. The Keystone States’ gambling regulator has declared March the responsible gambling month and will be intensifying some of its very aggressive efforts to clean up the budding industry.

Residents of the state now have access to a revamped and very user-friendly website that was recently launched by the state’s gambling commission. The site is going to be a very handy resource for anyone that is looking to find useful information for the identification of signs of problem gambling. In addition to that, the new website also provides links to treatment options and facilities that are available in Pennsylvania.

Just the Beginning

All the initiatives that have been mentioned above are just highlights of a much bigger push for responsible gambling in the US. Now, it would impossible for everything to work out within the span of a month. That said, the responsible entities need to be consistent about fighting gambling-related harm even after the current awareness period comes to an end.


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