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NCAA’s President Reignites College Prop Bet Ban Efforts

In a recent interview, Charlie Baker said that this "all has to stop," outlining that a number of states have already enforced college prop bet bans

The nationwide expansion of sports betting granted millions of Americans access to legal wagering options. Many states saw the benefits of legal sports wagering that generates tax revenue from the activity which would otherwise take place via black market or offshore operators.

Yet the expansion has a detrimental effect on sports, especially on college leagues. Angry gamblers who lost wagers posted threats against college and professional athletes, promoting leagues to consider ways to ensure the safety of the athletes.

Charlie Baker, NCAA’s president, is a recognized opponent of sports betting, considering its negative impact on professional and college leagues. Earlier this year, he supported the idea of a ban on college prop bets as a way to protect student athletes and ensure the integrity of such competitions.

Now, per a report from Bryan Fischer from Fox Sports, Baker urged for a halt to the flourishing prop bets on college sports. The NCAA’s president explained: “This all has to stop.” Moreover, Baker added: “I wish sports betting had just stayed in Las Vegas.”

More States Implement College Prop Bet Bans

Prop bets have become quite popular among bettors across the US. Such lucrative bets allow the gamblers to wager on different aspects of a specific game rather than the overall outcome. In light of the rising number of cases of harassment and abuse against athletes, a number of states considered banning college prop bets.

As explained by the NCAA’s president: “So far we’ve managed to work with four states to shut down prop betting on college sports.” As noted by Baker, a ban on college prop bets is in effect in a number of states, including Ohio, Maryland, New York and Massachusetts among others.

Several other states are considering the implementation of college prop bet bans. One state where a ban is expected soon is Louisiana. The ban on college prop bets in the Pelican State is expected to be implemented in August.

Early in May, the NCAA revealed a total of 4,000 cases that required the attention of social media platforms or law enforcement during March Madness. From that total, close to 2,000 were directly tied to betting activities. This data reaffirmed the concerns outlined by the NCAA and a number of leagues about the detrimental effect of betting on sports and athletes.


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