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Nationwide Gambling Reform Not Needed, Says Australian PM

While talks about gambling reform in NSW continue, Australia's Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, pulled back from nationwide reforms

As reported by The Australian Financial Review, Albanese did not show support for a nationwide gambling reform.

Gambling Regulation Is in the Hands of States

Instead, the PM acknowledged that the regulation of poker machines and a reform of the sector are in the hands of the lawmakers in each state. Speaking about problem gambling, Albanese acknowledged it is a “scourge.” The PM pointed out that while he rarely engages in placing bets, this is not the case for some people. Still, Albanese said that changes and regulations within the gambling sector vary depending on the state, which is why it is important for those changes to be led by lawmakers in each jurisdiction.

I’m someone who has a bet sometimes once a year on the Melbourne Cup, that’s it, and that’s the extent of my engagement. But the regulation of these issues is a matter for the states and territories, and it varies across the states and territories.

Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia

The Prime Minister’s announcement coincided with an announcement made by Dominic Perrottet, the NSW Premier who supports the reform of the industry in the state through the cashless gaming card. Perrottet revealed recently that the cashless gaming proposal alone won’t be effective. This is why he pointed out that a daily spending limit would be imposed as well. Moreover, Perrottet reminded the recommendation of a report by the crime commission which urged NSW to introduce cashless gaming. According to him, people should no longer risk their livelihood at gambling machines.

A cashless system won’t work without a cap, that’s important.

Dominic Perrottet, NSW Premier

Reform of the NSW Gambling Sector Yet to Start

The announcements come after only recently, Chris Minns, NSW Labor leader, who had opposed efforts for the revamp of the gambling industry in the state, showed support for the cashless gaming card. He claimed that if NSW Labor wins the March elections, the political group would support changes to the gaming sector.

Such changes to the sector would include a 12-month cashless gaming cards trial. Minns explained that the trial would affect at least 500 gambling machines. The whole process would be overseen by an independent panel consisting of health experts, scientists and law enforcement officers.

What’s more, Minns said his party implemented a change that restricts it from receiving donations from clubs and pubs that have pokie machines. He pointed out that if NSW Labor wins the upcoming election, that regulation would be signed into law for the state.


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