Nagasaki Enhances IR Design to Better Reflect Prefecture’s Goals

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Nagasaki’s integrated Resort (IR) may look different from previous drafts. Although the project’s look has been updated by the prefecture, the cost will likely remain the same.

Nagasaki Sculpting its IR Future

According to GGRAsia, Nagasaki made the decision to improve the architectural appearance of the IR to “enhance symbolism” the property. However, the resort’s $3.09-billion price tag remains unchanged. Some in the community are starting to wonder if Casinos Austria (the prefecture’s partner casino) will be able to cover the costs.

The revised design was already submitted to Nagasaki’s prefectural assembly responsible for managing IR plans.

Nagasaki is currently conducting a series of “briefings” for the public in the prefecture to talk about the IR project. These gatherings are known as Kyushu/Nagasaki IR Opera Explanatory Sessions by the prefecture. They provide periodic updates about the IR plans.

These briefings will also address concerns about the IR. On December 15 and 17, two briefings are planned for residents. These briefings are expected to increase the voice of opponents.

Nagasaki Finding Support from Communities

According to Masahiko Kunihiro of Nagasaki’s IR Promotion Division, in speaking with, the public briefings had received a lot of attention from the communities where they were held.

Kunihiro said that 96 briefings had been held to date. The sessions have been attended by approximately 10,000 residents of prefectures. It is expected that the attendance at the next sessions, which will be held in Nagasaki and Sasebo, will be substantial.

Nagasaki currently employs around 20 people to support its IR project. These employees will be present at the meetings to provide an update on the draft area development plan.

Stopping The IR Project Is Unlikely to Gain Strength

A group from Sasebo requested that the government cancel its IR plans last week. With their request, representatives of the group submitted a petition to Sasebo City Council Secretariat. They claim that the financials associated with the IR project were not transparent.

They also stated that IR operations should not be managed by government agencies as they have no ability to eradicate problem gambling. As the Japanese Diet has stated, casinos operators will play a significant role in responsible gambling. Local governments will provide oversight.

The group also stated, “The point has been made that promotion of casinos is targeting of the savings of Japanese people just to make the foreign casinos richer.”

The Nagasaki Assembly will be discussing the petition that reportedly received 5,041 signatures. The General Affairs Committee of the Prefecture will also have to review it. The date and time of these reviews have not yet been announced.

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