Mr Green Scolded After Breaching Denmark’s Money Laundering Regulations

Mr Green, an online casino company owned by William Hill, was scolded by the Danish gambling regulator for not being diligent enough. Denmark’s authority is unhappy that Mr Green failed to properly analyze the source of funds of one of its bettors.

Mr Green Failed to Properly Assess a Customer’s Disposable Income

The situation in question refers to an anonymous punter who is, according to a release, of a young age. Despite the age not being specified, it is heavily implied that it was unlikely the player would have spent the sums they did. According to the regulator, the bettor had deposited $53,642 in a year, yet Mr Green never bothered to look up what the source of the money was, thus breaching the rules concerning precautions against money laundering.

Admittedly, Mr Green did take a look into the customer in question. The operator searched them on the internet, found out their employment and assessed their immediate level of earnings. Yet, this is where Mr Green concluded there was nothing suspicious and stopped searching for information.

This didn’t sit well with Spillemyndigheden as the authority insists that Mr Green should have taken the investigation a step further and should have determined the source of funds with certainty.

Spillemyndigheden Said That Repeated Offenses Will Result in Sanctions

According to the regulator, Mr Green’s research wasn’t sufficient and also made a mistake. Spillemyndigheden performed an investigation on its own and found out that the player’s job and income didn’t correspond to what Mr Green had found out.

Furthermore, with the new information coming to light, it turned out that the player’s actual disposable income was less than their deposits. This was enough to issue a warning to Mr Green for breaching the Money Laundering act as it didn’t do enough to ensure no money laundering took place.

Luckily for Mr Green, the regulator refrained from imposing any sort of fines. Even so,   Spillemyndigheden insisted that Mr Green should be more vigilant in the future and avoid something like this happening again. The authority added that repeated offenses and failure to comply with the country’s gambling regulations will result in sanctions. It warned that more serious cases may even be taken to the police.

This isn’t the first time Mr Green has been in trouble for its shortcomings. At the beginning of 2020, the company was sanctioned by the British regulator because of its failings. Gambling regulation is a serious matter and compliance is a responsibility of all operators. As society continues to be divided on the topic of gambling, it is in the industry’s best interest to maintain a good image and follow the rules imposed by regulators.

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