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Mohegan INSPIRE Receives Five-Star Hotel Rating

The rating is a testament to Mohegan’s “relentless pursuit of excellence,” the leadership says

Mohegan’s South Korean venture, the Mohegan INSPIRE Entertainment Resort, has been given a prestigious five-star hotel rating. The rating follows a comprehensive assessment of the property by the Korea Tourism Association’s Korean Hotel Rating System.

The five-star rating reflects the excellence of the hotel and its facilities and attests to Mohegan’s commitment to best-in-class hospitality experiences.

The hotel is built on the beautiful Yeongjong Island in Incheon and is designed to mirror its surroundings’ beauty. The complex boasts three distinctively themed towers, namely the Forest Tower, Sun Tower and Ocean Tower. The resort has some 1,275 rooms, ranging from deluxe accommodations to extravagant villa suites. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of guest lounges, spa services, a fitness center and an indoor pool.

In addition to allowing its customers to truly relax, Mohegan Inspire also offers a variety of restaurants and bars, such as Minagi, Hong Pan, Brasserie 1783, Garden Farm Café, Chef’s Kitchen, Aurora Bar and Horizon Lounge, as well as the first Eurasian Michael Jordan Steak House and MJ23 Sports Bar & Grill.

Mohegan Wants to Provide Guests with Unparalleled Experiences

Ray Pineault, Mohegan’s chief executive officer, commented on the five-star rating, calling it a testament to his team’s “relentless pursuit of excellence.”

This milestone reflects our team’s dedication to upholding the highest standards in the industry, and it reinforces our position as a leader in global entertainment and hospitality.

Ray Pineault, CEO, Mohegan

Mohegan INSPIRE’s president, Chen Si, also commented on the matter, saying that he is delighted that the property’s hotel facility has achieved this prestigious rating. He thanked his team for making this possible and working hard across all areas, including facility, hospitality and operations management.

What incredible momentum going into this first quarter celebrating the casino’s grand opening – that’s how Mohegan continually sets the standard for integrated resorts that create unforgettable experiences.

Chen Si, president, Mohegan INSPIRE

Mohegan INSPIRE is set to launch its comprehensive Phase 1A facilities by the middle of the year. The INSPIRE Mall will open in early 2024, providing visitors with a dynamic cultural hub. In the spring, INSPIRE is also set to introduce an outdoor experiential space.


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