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Mkodo’s GeoLocs Service Is Now Available to Operators

B2B technology supplier mkodo officially launched its iGaming-focused geolocation service, helping operators stay in line with regional regulations

GeoLocs promises advanced technology that is self-manageable, seamlessly implemented, easy to use, and designed with the needs of iGaming operators in mind. Featuring geo-based marketing and promotional offers, GeoLocs promises easy regulatory compliance. The developer’s solution was tested with the help of several trusted partners and is now available to operators.

The Developer Prioritizes the Customer Experience

Mkodo’s focus on cutting-edge technology and its understanding of current industry trends has helped the company stay one step ahead in an increasingly competitive market. Tom Atfield, Creative Director at mkodo, recently shared his thoughts on the operators’ growing dependence on technology and the importance of accessible, easy-to-use services.

The company primarily focuses on front-end development, specializing in bespoke iGaming apps with a focus on user experience and player retention. Mkodo’s other products include the secure API management framework mCloud Gateway and the GeoLocs iGaming-focused geolocation service, which is now available to operators.

GeoLocs Is a Comprehensive Compliance Solution

Mkodo spent the last ten years polishing GeoLocs with the help of several trusted partners who lauded the product’s features and underlying technology. Operators can easily ensure they remain compliant with regulations by verifying player location. This feature is especially relevant in the Canadian market, where local gambling restrictions can differ wildly.

The technology, knowledge, and expertise behind GeoLocs has been key in supporting us to license and operate in Ontario.

Mark Busittil, Chief Product Officer at Casumo

GeoLocs fully embodies the developer’s principles, delivering an easy-to-integrate solution compatible with most operating systems and devices. Mkodo managing director Stuart Godfree noted that compliance was an ever-growing concern for iGaming companies, highlighting GeoLocs’ proven track record with the company’s trusted partners.

We are thrilled to now be able to offer GeoLocs to a wider audience, at a time when… emerging markets… require a solid, smooth and trustworthy geolocation solution to ensure full compliance.

Stuart Godfree, mkodo managing director

The service uses satellite navigation and IP location to verify a player’s position without any need for companion apps, preserving the focus on the player experience and ensuring a smooth onboarding process. Mkodo holds licenses in Ontario and British Columbia, ensuring that GeoLocs is available in some of North America’s most challenging markets.

GeoLocs’s innovative compliance solution also allows location-based marketing. Players within a specified area can receive custom promotional offers and other front-end or marketing communications tailored to local regulations. Mkodo is confident that the product will attract significant attention from operators and propel the developer to new heights during the coming year.

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