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MIRACL Integrates Multi-Factor Authentication Solution into Playtech

MIRACL’s CEO called passwords a “security nightmare”

MIRACL, a provider of passwordless, single-step multi-factor authentication, has unveiled a partnership with gaming tech specialist Playtech. Under the agreement, MIRACL’s cutting-edge solution will be integrated into Playtech, allowing it to provide its operator clients with a secure login tool.

In its announcement, MIRACL noted that the partnership attests to its dedication to seamless, easily accessible gameplay that nevertheless provides players with safe gaming experiences. In addition to improving the user experience, MIRCL aligns with MFA iGaming regulations concerning player login security.

Boasting recognition from the New Jersey DGE, MIRACL fully replaces traditional usernames, passwords and two-factor authentication processes. Because of its reliability, it is used by an increasing number of iGaming providers.

MIRACL pairs true two-factor authentication with the latest Zero Knowledge Proof patented technology. As a result, no personal player data is stored or transmitted, protecting players from attacks. MIRACL also protects customers’ accounts from unauthorized access, making their online gaming experience safer.

In the meantime, operators that leverage MIRACL’s solution often enjoy improved profitability and are able to maintain the integrity of their games.

MIRCAL’s CEO Believes Passwords Are Not Suited for iGaming

Rob Griffin, MIRACL’s chief executive officer, commented on the partnership with Playtech, expressing his company’s excitement. He said that his team is thrilled to form an alliance with such a renowned provider and benefit from its extensive market reach.

Today, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Playtech to bring our passwordless, single-step yet highly secure login to their customers and users.

Rob Griffin, CEO, MIRACL

Speaking of MIRACL’s capabilities, Griffin noted that the solution improves operators’ revenues by bringing them more traffic. At the same time, the solution cuts unnecessary costs as it eliminates the need for expensive customer support.

Griffin pointed out that passwords can be hard to remember, are oftentimes cumbersome for the user and represent a “security nightmare.” The CEO believes that passwords are not fit for purpose in the “fast-paced, impulse-driven and multi-account environment of iGaming.” This is why his team seeks to improve the user experience, providing players with a reliable way to get into their accounts with just a few clicks.

In other news, Playtech’s chief executive officer, Mor Weizer, recently expressed his concern that many of its competitors have been shifting away from regulated markets, instead chasing the opportunities offered by the black market. Despite that, Playtech remains committed to strictly operating in regulated markets.


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