Miomni to Introduce Its New Exchange Platform for the U.S. Market

Miomni Gaming, the mobile sports betting provider, announced that in 2021 it will launch its innovative exchange platform “MiOffer” for the U.S. market. The new exchange program is risk free and will increase market transparency.

Miomni to Launch an Exchange Platform for the U.S. Market in 2021

U.S. Mobile Sports and Race wagering provider Miomni Gaming has announced that it plans to launch its unique exchange platform “MiOffer” to the U.S. market in 2021. The innovative product by Miomni has been patent protected since 2012. According to the company, once launched next year, MiOffer will serve “as a key differential for all stakeholders“.

The innovative product combines elements of traditional sportsbook management with sophisticated exchange wagering. Furthermore, the new product can be used independently of sportsbooks or it can be used to complement existing sportsbooks.

According to Miomni, MiOffer is a “risk free proposition” which enables market transparency and strengthens the confidence players resulting in “higher sustainable revenues for the benefit of the entire ecosystem“.

Key Features Offered by Miomni’s Innovative Exchange Platform

One of the many advantages which Miomni revealed about its new exchange platform is that its risk free. Furthermore, the company said that MiOffer is also error free as operators cannot make errors while using the program. Miomni outlined that the new product features full transparency which results in 24/7 access to the market. Moreover, MiOffer users also have expanded market access and visibility.

According to the company, with the increase of transparency, the confidence of the entire market will increase. This also leads to expanded liquidity as well as increased player engagement.

In the statement released by Miomni, the company said that the new platform will be fully compliant with the regulatory measures on the U.S. market. Furthermore, the company revealed that once launched, MiOffer can easily be integrated into existing architecture.

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