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Mintzy Plays Poker Instead of Attending Barstool Event, to Portnoy’s Dismay

Sources familiar with the matter claim that Portnoy’s annoyance was no act

Ben “Mintzy” Mintz, a famous Barstool Sports representative, has found himself in hot water with his boss, Dave Portnoy. The reason the Barstool boss was unhappy with Mintzy was the latter man’s decision to attend a poker tournament instead of the Barstool Combine in Chicago.

Mintz may have intended to travel to the event once he got knocked out from the $2.5K Moneymaker Tour Main Event in Florida. Eventually, he actually found himself as chip leader in the event and preferred to stay for a shot at $120,000.

Portnoy, however, was not happy that Mintzy decided to skip an important event to play poker. The former man warned that whatever Mintzy wins would be deducted from his salary. Portnoy then shared a video of a phone call with Mintzy in which he accused him of ditching the Barstool Combine. Over the phone, Portnoy said:

So, if you win, do I not have to pay you a salary anymore, since that’s why we pay you a salary, like, for these events that, I guess, you are just skipping?

Dave Portnoy

While Mintz tried to justify his decision, Portnoy seemed genuinely annoyed at his choice. When Mintzy continued to argue, the Barstool boss interrupted him:

None of this is my concern. You have a sponsored company-wide event on a Monday. I expect my people to be there on a Monday.

Dave Portnoy

Mintzy Is in Trouble Once Again

Sources familiar with the matter claim that Portnoy’s annoyance was no act and that he was really angry with Mintz. This wouldn’t be the first time Mintz has had trouble with Barstool either. Previously, the personality was fired over his performance of an offensive song during a livestream.  

While Portnoy had disagreed with Mintzy’s previous firing and eventually re-hired him, the latter man may not be able to get on Portnoy’s good side now.

To make matters worse, Mintzy reached the final table but eventually lost. He finished the tournament in 8th place, which left him with a $14,600 prize and a disgruntled boss. In a tweet, Mintzy said: “Booking a flight & getting back to Chicago immediately. Glad I am still employed…”


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