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Minnesota Senator Bets of Safety as Online Wagering Discussions Continue

Marty added that he believes that if Minnesota legalizes online wagering without the necessary safeguards, it will have “a lot of second thoughts” five years from now

Lawmakers in Minnesota are trying to get mobile sports betting legalized in order to capitalize on the explosive growth of wagering across America. While measures have advanced in both the House and Senate, the future of online betting in the state remains uncertain.

As legalization struggles to make strides, Senator John Marty proposed a bill that outlines a variety of player safety measures that should protect consumers from harm. According to him, if Minnesota is to introduce new gambling verticals, it should also provide at-risk players with sufficient protections.

Marty added that he believes that if Minnesota legalizes online wagering without the necessary safeguards, it will have “a lot of second thoughts” five years from now. Because of that, his legislation seeks to block certain risky markets and protect vulnerable audiences in the state.

His bill is co-sponsored by Senator Scott Dibble and Senator Erin Maye Quade.

What’s In the Bill?

Marty’s proposals include the prohibition of wagering on college sports and prop bets. Additionally, the bill would prevent gambling companies from sending push notifications to users when their mobile devices are inactive.

Moreover, Marty envisions a tax rate of 40% or more. He justified this figure with New York’s tax rate of 51% saying that the extra money would support initiatives such as education, mental health and problem gambling treatment.

Overall, he seeks to prevent predatory marketing practices that seek to glue consumers to their screens. According to him, such sportsbooks risk turning recreational bettors into gambling addicts.

The Senator justified his claim with the increase in calls to problem gambling hotlines across the US, warning that some problem bettors even consider or attempt suicide.

Senator Marty: Taxpayers Shouldn’t Be Subsidizing Gambling

While Marty said that he is open to discussion, his current bill does not subsidies for the state’s two racetracks. While this may put him at odds with the local Republicans, he remained firm that he doesn’t think “taxpayers should be subsidizing gambling operations.”

When the tracks came in, they were going to generate lots of revenue for the state. And now, they’re saying we’ve got to subsidize them with public money.

Senator John Marty

In any case, considering the balance of power in Minnesota’s Senate, Marty’s bill would likely need bipartisan support to pass.


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