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Ministers Should Not Water Down Forthcoming Gambling Reforms

The long-anticipated White Paper review of Gambling Act 2005 is finally on the cards, with a final date of its publication rumored for the week of April 24, 2023

In light of this forthcoming event, ministers were asked not to water down the contents of the White Paper or give gambling companies a break. Campaigners fear that the government may not go far enough in enforcing the necessary measures that would establish a ream of needed consumer-protection measures to protect vulnerable and at-risk groups of gamblers.

Calls for Limiting Online Stakes Heard Again

Among the measures is a proposed £2 on online slots, with the government rumored to be limiting the amount of money that U-25s, may place on online gambling machines. Another hot-button topic is advertising. Campaigners urge ministers to ensure that they are pushing for tighter measures on gambling advertisements, with many calling for an outright ban.

This comes in the wake of a preemptive agreement at the heart of the Premier League to phase out front-of-end sponsorships but retain sleeve and hoardings advertisements. Campaigners seemed worried that gambling companies may be succeeding in swaying officials to take a milder stance on the matter.

These concerns are not entirely unjustified given the recent antics of a Tory MP who was caught on camera offering to lobby on behalf of a non-existent gambling company. Commenting on the anticipated regulatory changes, Matt Zarb-Cousin from Clean Up Gambling urged the government to disregard the “fear-mongering” from the gambling industry and focus on publishing a robust review of the country’s gambling laws that would help protect consumers.

Opinions Back a Harsher Stance on Gambling in General

“Poll after poll shows the public wants to see strong reform, especially on gambling advertising,” Gambling With Lives strategy director Will Prochaska added. Campaigners are confident that for one, reducing the size of stakes would prove the most effective measure that the White Paper could bring around combined with the opportunity to significantly limit the reach of gambling advertisement.

A recent YouGov poll discovered that the majority of British soccer fans are in fact in favor of ditching gambling advertisements from the sport in most of its forms. This though would create financial hardships, which many sports clubs fear as they would struggle to find new sponsors. With the White Paper publication approaching, the time for speculation is running out.


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