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Mido Lotto Makes a Foray into Montana

Mido Lotto, a lottery ticket app, has forayed into the state of Montana. Local lottery enthusiasts can now use the app to buy tickets for some of the most popular games.

Mido Lotto Launches in Montana

Mido Lotto allows customers to purchase tickets for Mega Millions and Powerball through their mobile devices. This makes lottery games very convenient to enjoy as it provides customers with a degree of freedom and flexibility. In addition, it allows players to gift tickets to their friends and share the joy of playing the lottery.  

The app is now live in Montana and allows local players to benefit from the convenience it offers. Local players can download the Mido Lotto app on their devices and play. They can also use the app to withdraw winnings of up to $600. Lucky players who end up winning larger amounts will receive physical tickets that will be safely delivered to them.

Mido Lotto celebrated the lunch in the Big Sky Country by providing a free lottery ticket to all people who join its platform. In addition, the app’s parent company, Lottery Now, is committed to supporting local causes and institutions.

Local Customers No Longer Need to Worry about Tickets

Lottery Now’s chief executive officer, Kevin Kramer, spoke about the launch. He shared that his team is excited to provide people in the state with a “safe, convenient and legitimate” way to play lottery games. Kramer praised the Montana Lottery for funding important state programs for the last few decades and is excited to become a part of this ecosystem.  

Kramer also noted that Mido Lotto tends to attract new customers and will, therefore, provide more money to good causes.

Mido Lotto attracts mobile customers who typically don’t play the lottery the way it’s currently offered, which means more contributions going to worthy causes such as public education, safety and health programs.

Kevin Kramer, CEO, Lottery Now

Lottery Now’s president, Rich Wheeler, also shared his thoughts. He emphasized that players who wish to play the lottery no longer have to worry about missing a draw or misplacing a ticket. Thanks to the Mido Lotto app, lottery players can conveniently keep track of their tickets and claim their winnings.

Now busy Montanans can enjoy the time-saving convenience of ordering tickets from anywhere in the state – and not miss being a part of the excitement the Lottery brings. We’re looking forward to some big winners in Montana.

Rich Wheeler, president, Lottery Now

A few months ago, Jackpocket also launched its lottery app in the Big Sky Country.


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