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Michael Wells Named Permanent Director of the Oregon Lottery

Although he was selected for the permanent role, the appointment is subject to confirmation from the state's Senate

In December 2022, Michael Wells, a seasoned director with extensive experience in different verticals, was appointed to the role of interim director of the Oregon Lottery. Now, the state’s Governor, Tina Kotek, confirmed Wednesday that he was selected for the permanent director role at the Lottery. Although the appointment was confirmed officially, it still remains subject to confirmation from the Oregon Senate. That approval is expected to come at some point next month.

As a permanent director, Wells will oversee strategic processes and serve as the secretary and executive officer of the Oregon Lottery Commission. His responsibilities will also include the management and administration of the agency. Before his appointment as the interim director in 2022 with the Lottery, he held different senior-level roles. Such include an assistant director for security and compliance, as well as a cyber-crime manager role with the Lottery.

Outside of the Oregon Lottery, Wells has more than two decades of experience with different state, local and federal law enforcement agencies. For 10 years, he was a part of the Oregon Department of Justice‘s organized crime division and he was also a member of the Cyber Crime Task Force with the FBI, providing strategic advice and guidance for different investigations. Wells’ professional background includes police officer roles with different law enforcement agencies such as the Oregon State Police, among others.

Throughout his extensive career, Wells was a part of Oregon’s Cybersecurity Advisory Council, Cyber Oregon. He is also a member of the Oregon Peace Officer Association and has previously served on the Board of Public Safety Standards and Training Committee.

Wells Is Delighted to Continue His Work with the Lottery

Sharing his excitement, Wells said that as an interim director, he had the opportunity to lead an exceptional team of experts that helped the growth of the Lottery and funding of strategic state programs. “I appreciate Governor Kotek’s trust in my leadership and look forward to leading the work of the Oregon Lottery in funding critical programs that serve Oregonians,” he said in conclusion.

During my tenure as interim director, I’ve had the privilege of leading an exceptional team dedicated to ensuring the Lottery’s ongoing support of its beneficiaries and key programs across our state.

Michael Wells, interim director of the Oregon Lottery

Governor Kotek was similarly excited, highlighting that the Lottery helps fund different education programs, as well as services related to important state initiatives. “It is imperative that the director is an experienced leader who will champion transparency and accountability,” she said. Finally, Kotek explained that Wells is an exceptional leader for the Lottery and praised his efforts related to integrity and security.


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