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MI Woman Tries Out Lucky for Life for the First Time, Wins $390,000

Kauflin bought the winning ticket while browsing for Powerball tickets

A lucky woman from Warren, Michigan, has won a $390,000 jackpot playing Lucky for Life. What makes this win so special is the fact that this was the first time she ever played the game.

Shayla Kauflin, 39, explained that she bought the Lucky for Life ticket on a whim. She was browsing the Michigan Lottery website, seeking to purchase Powerball tickets online. While looking around, she saw the Lucky for Life game listed. Telling herself “Why not?” Kauflin bought $10 worth of tickets.

She logged into her lottery account the next day and was surprised to see that she had won a $390,000 prize. In an interview with MLive, she said:

I logged in to my Lottery account the next day to see if I’d won anything, and when I saw $390,000 pending, I started screaming, crying, and freaking out! I called my husband to tell him how much I’d won, and he was concerned at first because he thought something was wrong.

Shayla Kauflin, lottery winner

Kauflin opted to receive $390,000 as a one-time lump-sum, instead of $25,000 a year for 20 years.

Kauflin told reporters that she plans to celebrate by booking a Disney vacation for her whole family. The woman plans to invest the rest of the sum.

The woman admitted that the feeling of having won such a sum is indescribable and that she feels like “the weight of the world has been taken off her shoulders.” She admitted that this sum is not enough to change the world but it’s definitely enough to change her world.

Other Recent Lottery Winners

Elsewhere, а lucky NJ woman won $290,000 while playing online during a conference call. After placing a $2 bet, the woman hit the jackpot and almost screamed.

In Chicago, a Lotto player who has yet to claim their prize has won $1.2 million. The ticket was sold at a Jewel Osco store in the Lake View community area on October 27. The store which sold the winning ticket is now set to receive a $12,000 bonus.

On October 24, meanwhile, an Excalibur visitor hit a $12 million jackpot from a Megabucks slot.

In the meantime, players in the United States are bracing for the next Powerball draw where $152 million is on the line.


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