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MGM’s Seven-Point Safety Plan for Re-Opening of Its Properties

MGM Resorts International issued a comprehensive report today, outlining a list of health and safety protocols the casino operator is going to implement, in preparation for re-opening of its land-based gaming properties. The multi-layered set of mitigation measures, designed in conjunction with medical and scientific experts, is aimed at preventing the spread of the virus, as well as to ensure rapid response to potential new cases of infection.

“Preparing for the moment we can re-open our doors, MGM Resorts focused on developing a plan that puts health and safety at the center of everything we do.”

Bill Hornbuckle, Acting CEO and President, MGM Resorts International

MGM’s plan focuses on maintaining the high level of service its customers are accustomed to, while having the ability to adapt to fast changing environments. The points outlined in the plan will be implemented in all company’s properties across the US, albeit with changes and additions, made based on local jurisdictions.

Screening Temperature Checks and Employee Training

Guests and employees will be subjected to screening protocols prior to entering the property, including temperature checks. Employees will be assessed in terms of close residence or taking care for people who have contracted the virus recently, while customers who have been exposed to risks of contracting are urged to self-quarantine and not travel.

Mandatory Masks and Personal Protective Equipment

All MGM staff will be required to wear protective masks while at the property, with some food handlers and cleaners also wearing gloves. Clients are strongly encouraged to wear masks in public areas, with minimized time of mask removal while drinking on the casino floor and avoiding eating there for the same reason. Medical experts will identify if there is a need for some categories of employees to wear PPE.

Physical Distancing

MGM will establish an overall policy of six-foot physical distancing, or in areas where it is not possible, plexiglass barriers or eye protection for the employees will be provided. Barriers will be installed throughout the casino and lobbies, for the safety of the clients and staff. Guiding signage will be placed to explain to customers how to practice physical distancing.

Hand-Washing and Enhanced Sanitization

An enhanced routine cleaning, focused on high-touch surfaces in common areas will be established, with electrostatic sprayers utilized to allow for efficient disinfectant application. Custom-built soap and water hand-washing, as well as hand-sanitizing stations will be placed in high traffic areas, with the appropriate signage.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Controls and Air Quality

MGM is considering a proactive approach towards its ventilation and air controls, with rigorous measures as per established guidelines to help mitigate the risk of virus transmission being widely implemented in its properties.

Incident Response Protocols

Incident response protocols will be activated in case a client tests positive, including access to medical treatment, as MGM has medical and security personnel trained to react appropriately. Exposed areas will be thoroughly sanitized and people in contact with the infected individual will be notified.

Digital Innovations

MGM is considering the application of technology to transition some processes into contactless options for guests, such as contactless check-ins, payments, identification and digital room keys, all available through the MGM resorts mobile app, as well as digital menus via a QR code and virtual queues and text message notifications regarding food and beverage areas.

MGM Resorts, which is the largest casino property operator in Las Vegas, has recently proposed a comprehensive plan to the NBA, to help the league complete its season, while restoring customers’ interest to the gambling city.


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