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MGM Resorts Updates Table Games Policies for Las Vegas Casinos

The new policies affect the company's Nevada-based properties and allow players to take photos, videos or when permitted, live stream

When entering a casino floor, visitors are required to comply with certain regulations. It’s a common rule for casinos around the world to prohibit customers from carrying any type of firearm or weapons such as knives or blades. While some casinos allow taking photos, others have strict rules that prohibit such activities. But given the rocketing popularity of social media and live streaming, gambling operators start to see the picture more clearly and open up to the idea of social media spreading content from the casino floors.

One gambling giant that has implemented changes to its rules about video streaming and photos, in particular, is MGM Resorts International. The globally-recognized gaming and entertainment company takes care of nine casino resorts in Nevada alone. Only recently, it has announced the implementation of new policies related to table games and guest technology use.

The latest update implements changes to MGM’s Gaming Streaming/Video/Photo policies and according to a statement released by the company, are in effect for its Nevada-based properties. Ultimately, the changes seek to allow guests to be able to take videos and photos. Of course, the updated policies specify that this can be done “when appropriate.” Additionally, guests would be able to share different content via social media that can be pre-recorded or broadcasted live, an activity that is popular as streaming.

The new policy is aimed at allowing our guests to take photos and videos, and, when appropriate, to share that content in real or in near real-time via social media broadcasts (“streams” or “streaming”) while limiting the risks associated with allowing photography, filming and streaming in MGM Resorts’ gaming establishments,

reads a statement released by MGM Resorts International

The Updated Policies Seek to Find the Right Balance

According to MGM, the changes also enable the company to find the right balance when it comes to guest privacy. Still, before engaging in live streaming or taking videos, guests would need to notify the specific venue’s management team. Then, once they are granted approval, they would be able to engage in such activities.

The changes affecting Table Games allow the players to send texts as long as they do not delay an ongoing game. Guests can talk briefly over their phones in case they are not “playing the round in progress.” Additionally, visitors are allowed to take photos of their hands “for personal reasons.”

Along with the permissions, MGM outlined actions that are forbidden for Table Games players. The guests are not allowed to leave “any object laying on the table for extended periods.” Long talks over the phone as well as taking photos of different gaming equipment are also forbidden per the updated rules. Protecting the privacy of the casino employees, guests are also not allowed to take their pictures or photograph other players. It’s no surprise that playing music, any audio or recording audio (unless when necessary for streaming) is not allowed.


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