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MGM Resorts Donates $360K to International Center for RG

The Vegas incorporated gaming and hospitality company has allocated another large tranche to help bolster Responsible Gambling efforts globally

MGM Resorts International has demonstrated a clear and unfaltering commitment to creating robust and sustainable gambling experiences, not least through the introduction of the GameSense responsible gaming program and championing public awareness companies such as the American Gaming Association-led Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly, which has sought to educate the public on the dangers of excessive betting in the age of regulated sports wagering.

Funding Evidence-Based Approach in Responsible Gambling

Commenting on the latest contribution which features a $360,000 tranche to the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG), BetMGM said that it was committed to ensuring that RG practices are observed. MGM, said SVP & chief compliance officer Stephen Martino, was committed to supporting ICRG’s critical work around RG best practices.

The ICRG has been one of the most forward-thinking research institutions that has been working on responsible gambling and problem gambling research since it was established in 1996, and it has been one of the main drivers of an evidence-based approach in understanding gambling and informing public policy on how to minimize harm from the sector.

Commenting on the donation, ICRG president Arthur Paikowsky, thanked MGM Resorts for the ongoing support that will now allow the company to conduct research over two years. The money will be used to understand, prevent, and address risks stemming from the gambling industry, Paikowsky noted.

Ongoing Efforts Needed to Achieve Results

“We salute MGM Resorts for supporting our research that will answer the many questions we have about the impact of gender on gambling disorder and address the health risks of casino employees,” Paikowsky said and noted that the ICRG remained grateful to the company’s long-standing and ongoing support of the research body.

The ICRG received backing from various gambling industry leaders in October, with another $180,000 allocated to the organization’s various research initiatives. Earlier in 2023, GeoComply, a geolocation and fraud-prevention specialist, also funded ICRG’s research on the self-exclusion program and its efficiency.

As gambling is becoming better regulated, this has called attention to allocating more resources to gambling harm prevention and a better understanding of gambling addiction in the first place to prevent harm to consumers.

Some states have surprisingly overlooked responsible gambling as a prerequisite for setting up gambling shops. Washington D.C. for example even reduced the funds allocated to responsible gambling initiatives, which could have long-lasting implications on vulnerable consumers.

There is also a cultural difference between responsible gambling practices in places such as the United States and the United Kingdom, and the rest of Europe, for example. Some jurisdictions have been rolling in very strict restrictions to limit the potential harm for consumers whereas the United States is only now beginning to get a better feel of the issue, with ICRG’s funding and MGM Resorts International’s continuous support a contributing factor.


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