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MGA Imposes Suspension against Green Feather Online Limited

The sanction stops the operator from offering gaming activities but may be subject to an appeal

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is the established regulator that oversees gambling activities in the country and ensures licensees adhere to the rules and deliver transparent and fair services to all players. Besides overseeing the activities of licensees, the regulator fights against crime and seeks to reduce underage gambling, among other priority tasks.

As the gambling regulator in Malta, the MGA has the authority to impose sanctions if it uncovers breaches. On Monday this week, the Authority announced it has decided to suspend the authorization for the online gambling operator, Green Feather Online Limited. This made the operator the latest one to face a sanction imposed by the MGA.

The Regulator Uncovers Breaches by Green Feather Online

Although the announcement about the suspended authorization came this week, the Authority explained that it is in effect as of August 3, 2023. Backing its decision, the regulatory watchdog said that the action comes after it uncovered breaches related to reg. 8 (1) (f) of the established Gaming Compliance and Enforcement regulations.

Describing the sanctions, the MGA claimed that Green Feather Online breached Article 41(2)(a) of the Gaming Authorization and Compliance Directive. Additionally, it said that the operator failed to comply with Article 41(1) of the same directive.

The suspension effectively prohibits Green Feather Online from offering any gambling operations. However, the MGA said that the operator must provide access to its already registered customers and process refunds of the sums within their accounts, in line with the gambling regulations in the country. As with other such suspensions, the decision may be subject to an appeal if Green Feather Online considers challenging it.

The Authorized Person is thus no longer authorized to carry out any gaming operations but is required to retain and provide access to all registered players upon request to their player accounts and to refund all funds standing to the credit of players in line with the applicable law,

reads a statement released by the Malta Gaming Authority

List of Sanctioned Operators Grows

The latest suspension against Green Feather Online comes after recently, the MGA imposed a similar sanction against SFJL Holding Limited. The regulator confirmed Friday that it has decided to suspend SFJL Holding’s authorization after uncovering multiple breaches of Malta’s gaming regulations.

Last month, Tipster Limited was prohibited from offering gaming activities after the MGA imposed another suspension. At the time, the Authority confirmed that the suspension comes on the grounds of the company being wound up.


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