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MGA Games Announces Plans for Market Expansion and Exclusive IP Products

Earlier this week, MGA Games revealed its exciting plans for next year. The company plans to launch 15 IP products and enter new markets. Celebrating its 100th game, MGA Games will develop a sequel of the successful Chiquito de la Calzada.

MGA Games Reveals Its Vision for 2021

The online gambling game developer MGA Games announced its exciting plans for 2021 on Thursday this week. By hosting a 100% online event called MGA Games Day, the company revealed that it plans to enter new regulated markets in 2021. Driven by constant innovation, MGA Games revealed that it plans to launch a new range of Spanish Celebrities Casino Slots.

Furthermore, the company said that it will develop a new line of casino roulette products. With that in mind, MGA Games stressed that 100% of the products that will launch next year will feature IP (Intellectual Property) images of a well-known character. Jose Antonio Giacomelli, director general of MGA Games stressed that MGA’s best bet for 2021 will be games that feature IP.

In fact, 100% of the products that will be launched next year will feature the image of a well-known character

Jose Antonio Giacomelli, director general of MGA Games

The company is going to develop 15 new products. Seven of the products will be Spanish slots. Another 8 games will be from the new “Spanish Celebrities Casino 5-Reel Slots series” which will feature improved mathematics and audio as well as surprising mini-games.

Two Games to Launch in Q1 2021

According to the MGA Games’ statement, during the first quarter, the company will launch two brilliant games. The first one is the “Toi” slot, which features a popular character created by Jordi Catala, who proved to be “a viral phenomenon” and immediate success in both Spain and Portugal.

The second game will be the first game from the new Spanish Celebrities Casino Slots series. Celebrity Yola Berrocal, who won the reality TV show La Casa Fuerte together with Leticia Sabater, will be the star featuring in the new 5-reel slots game. Furthermore, MGA Games revealed that to celebrate its 100th game, the company will develop a sequel to the highly popular and successful Chiquito de la Calzada.

Innovation is, and will continue to be, one of the pillars of MGA Games in 2021,”

wrote MGA Games in a statement

Speaking at the MGA Games’ event, Roberto Ayala, R&D director of MGA Games, said that the company always wants “to go one step further and think about how to take our games to the next level“. He added that this is one of the main reasons why MGA Games offer an immersive experience that results in great entertainment. With that in mind, as a part of the new line of casino products by MGA Games, the Grand Croupier Roulette will also arrive in 2021.

MGA Games to Enter New Markets Next Year

Besides new games, MGA Games also revealed its plans to enter new markets. Marga Fernandez, Sales Director for MGA Games revealed that the company will open to new regulated markets. Following its successful “Act Local, Think Global” philosophy, the MGA will replicate the success of Spanish Celebrities in different markets in Europe.

She added that the company is “keeping close to home“, so the expansion will start with a close neighbor – Portugal. Fernandez stressed that Portugal is in fact one of the target markets and that in the coming months the Portuguese Celebrities range will be launched for operators in the country.

Besides Portugal, the company also plans to enter other European countries such as Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Bulgaria, and Italy. MGA Games revealed that currently, it is in the process of certifying its products in order to enter the new markets.

With that in mind, the company added that it will continue to expand its presence in Lain America. Earlier this year, MGA Games entered the Mexican market by teaming up with Betway. Now, the company is certifying its games and plans to enter the markets in Costa Rica and Panama.


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