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Mexican Military Captured Cartel Boss La Cabra

La Cabra is known for participating in all manners of crime, including selling drugs, operating illegal gambling and inciting violence against the police

Mexico’s National Defense forces have had a major breakthrough, successfully capturing a cartel boss responsible for distributing drugs and illegal gambling products. Various law-keeping bodies participated in the operation.

The arrestee is none other than Hugo Armando Salinas Cortinas, also known as La Cabra. The cartel boss was finally captured in Tamaulipas, Mexico, where the law enforcers also seized a number of illegal products and weapons. Unfortunately, reports say

Announcing the arrest this Monday, the Secretary of National Defense noted that the police and military sent to capture La Cabra seized 600 synthetic drug pills (reportedly fentanyl), along with two firearms, magazines and multiple ammo rounds.

The actual arrest happened last Friday but the news was only released yesterday. The Mexican government did not comment on why it delayed the announcement.

La Cabra Is a Part of the Gulf Cartel

La Cabra is guilty of multiple crimes, including the distribution of illegal drugs and the trafficking of humans. His arrest follows that of his wife, who was arrested in 2021 after police found $800,000 hidden in her home.

La Cabra led the Metros faction of the notorious Gulf Cartel, which is responsible for multiple crimes, including violence against policemen and soldiers.

The Metros is only one of several factions formed during the splintering of the Gulf Cartel. Based in Matamoros, the Gulf Cartel is currently comprised of multiple factions, one of them being the Scorpions faction. The latter is responsible for the recent killings of two Americans whom the cartel mistakenly thought to be competitor drug dealers.

The segmentation of the Gulf Cartel continues to cause trouble both to cartel members and the Mexican police and military. It often means internal conflicts and struggles for cartel members, while making it harder for law enforcers to crack down on the Gulf Cartel.

While La Cabra’s arrest is a major victory for the Mexican police, it still has a long way to go before it is able to bring order. To make matters worse, some of the criminal organization’s roots have decades-long traditions of crime and know how to avoid getting caught.

Elsewhere, the Italian police just succeeded in capturing Pasquale Bonavota, an illegal gambling leader who is a part of the ‘Ndrangheta crime family. His arrest followed that of Matteo Messina Denaro, one of the most-wanted mafia bosses in Italy. Despite these victories, both Italy and Mexico have a long way to go before they are able to get rid of organized crime.


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