August 8, 2023 3 min read


MERKUR UK Vows Support for Wind Farm in Sri Lanka

The company unveiled a new environmental initiative, complementing its efforts within the vertical

Different environmental, social and governance (ESG) programs have become a part of strategies for many globally recognized businesses. Many leading companies within the gambling sector have also implemented various efficiencies and improvements that complement their sustainable growth amid the rising concerns about a possible environmental crisis.

Now, the leading betting and gaming operator, MERKUR UK, announced a new initiative, complementing its efforts toward sustainable growth and reducing the negative impact on the environment. The company confirmed Tuesday that it launched a new initiative that seeks to reduce CO2 emissions. The initiative sees MERKUR support a small-scale onshore wind farm located in Sri Lanka. Through the collaboration, the company will help avoid some 2,000 tons of CO2 emissions, an equivalent of 1,535 long-haul flights or 4,962,000 car miles (7,985,564 km). The activation and prevention efforts are expected to save some 6,000 square meters of sea ice.

Recently, MERKUR celebrated the opening of its first casino in the United Kingdom. Announced back in July, the company confirmed it opened the doors of its venue located in the Scottish city of Aberdeen.

The Company Remains Committed to Sustainable Growth

The recent eco initiative announced by MERKUR complements its ongoing environmental efforts. Previously, the company joined forces with Ecologi, a leading climate action platform, for the funding of the planting of 25,000 trees.

Now, in light of the second phase of the environmental activities, Tony Boulton, MERKUR UK’s director of public and political relations, explained that the environmental crisis can be challenged by the joint efforts of companies around the globe. According to him, joint efforts can help slow down the environmental crisis.

The tree planting program we have funded will see 25,000 trees established across 5,700 hectares in Southern Kenya. When you know that the 7-year target is over 14 million it becomes clear that projects such as this require lots of companies and organizations to do whatever they can.

Tony Boulton, director of public and political relations at MERKUR UK

Speaking about the tree planting program, Boulton explained that the 25,000 trees will cover approximately 5,700 hectares of land in Southern Kenya. However, he noted that the target for the 7-year project in the country is 14 million trees, which reaffirms the large scale of this project and the need for more companies to join.

Similarly, Boulton praised the importance of renewable energy and said that the initiative in Sri Lanka will help avoid tons of CO2 emissions via the use of wind power. Finally, he said that it is exciting to see MERKUR participate in additional environmental initiatives.


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