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Memphis PD Seizes Illegal Gambling Machines and $1M Cash

The operation against illegal gambling and crimes such as thefts, aggravated assault and robbery continues

An ongoing police operation against illegal gambling across Memphis, Tennessee, saw more than $1 million in cash seized, along with nearly 270 illegal gambling machines. The Memphis Police Department (MPD), announced Monday details regarding an ongoing operation that sought to investigate and discontinue criminal activities related to illegal gambling, as well as acts of violence around the City of Memphis.

Called “Operation Casino Royale,” the initiative launched in July 2022. This became a fact after MPD’s Organized Crime Unit, also referred to as the “VICE Team,” met with the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office and discussed a growing concern about gambling machines located across the city. Such gaming machines were deemed illegal under the existing regulations in Tennessee, clearing the path for the police operation.

MPD’s VICE Team identified that illegal gambling machines located in gas stations and corner stores across the city helped attract a wave of violence and criminal activities. Such illegal gambling machines were discovered in “high-crime areas” and helped further boost the crime rate. In such areas, police authorities found victims of theft, aggravated assault and robbery.

In July 2022, Detectives with the “VICE Team” launched “Operation Casino Royale” to investigate, dismantle and disrupt the criminal organization surrounding illegal gambling and criminal acts of violence in the City of Memphis,

reads a statement released by the Memphis Police Department

Law Enforcement Remain Committed to Ensuring the Safety of Memphis Residents

The decisive action by law enforcement as a part of Operation Casino Royale, resulted in the seizing of more than $1 million in cash, as well as 268 illegal gambling machines. Moreover, law enforcement located and seized narcotics and firearms.

Thanks to the police operation, two suspects were arrested and 65 criminal investigations were conducted. Additionally, police issued 53 misdemeanor citations along with 12 city ordinances. The operation helped detain culprits with outstanding arrest warrants and arrest individuals over possession of narcotics and firearms.

The Memphis Police Department will continue to proactively investigate, dismantle, and apprehend those in criminal organizations who choose to commit offenses that act as crime drivers to other, more severe acts of violence,

explains the MPD

According to MPD’s recent statement, efforts against criminal organizations and individuals who cause harm through acts of violence or other criminal activities will continue. The MPD vowed to continue to investigate and apprehend such individuals, while at the same time, ensuring the security and safety of Memphis’ residents.


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