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Melco’s Latest Sustainability Report Purveys Responsible Gaming

Melco has released its “Above and Beyond” sustainability report. The report includes a strategy for promoting safer and more efficient responsible gaming practices.

The “Above and Beyond” Sustainability Report by Melco

Leading gaming and hospitality company Melco released its 2019 sustainability strategy report earlier today. The report called “Above and Beyond” offers an insight into what sustainability goas the company achieved in the last year. Furthermore, this year’s edition of the report is a part of a huge company plan that Melco is looking to achieve by 2030.

The company is committed to eliminate the impact of its resorts on the climate by 2030, and focus on a circular economy approach helping the brand to push down the amount of waste and increase clean-up of plastic waste. Melco is also committed to becoming the best community partner and offer the best work places. By achieving all of its stated goals, Melco believes that guests “realize that a sustainable future is a better future.

Among the highlights of the report, Melco established a topic aiming at responsible gaming. The report pointed out that Melco has a Responsible Gaming Steering Committee, which was established back in 2008. The executive sponsor of the committee is actually Melco’s own CEO and Chairman – Lawrence Ho. The company’s plan to ensure a successful responsible gaming strategy includes a three-pronged approach. This approach, applicable to all of the resorts includes: Technology and Process, Community Engagement, Colleague Education.

Ensuring the Successful Responsible Gaming Strategy with a Three-Pronged Approach

By Technology and Process, Melco is referring to its state-of-the-art facial recognition technology but also to the MelGuard technology, which is the company’s biometric intelligence system. Melco was actually the first operator in Asia to introduce facial recognition technology. The live face recognition technology has been available at all entrances of Melco’s premises in Macau since 2016. Ever since, it has proven to be a critical method for self-exclusion support by the company.

With the help of MelGuard, the company can effectively restrict access of self-excluded or restricted individuals to the company’s casino premises. This technology is also in line with privacy regulations and can also work along with Japan’s “My Number” card.

With the help of Community Engagement, Melco is once again surpassing the regulatory requirements for promoting responsible gaming. According to the report, the company teamed up with a local production company in Macau, aiming at producing TV content which raises awareness about responsible Gaming. In its effort to reach more audiences and spread the message on responsible gaming, Melco created workshops in partnership with a local NGO in Macau. Furthermore, some $650,000 was donated by the company towards responsible gaming research.

Last but not least, Melco pointed out that Colleague Education is yet again a key factor towards successful responsible gaming awareness. In the report, the company did not miss to say that every employee, regardless if gaming or non-gaming, has been through training to identify potential problem gambling. Some 78,000 employees in Macau, Manila and Cyprus have already attended responsible gaming activities to date. In addition, according to the report, the company has more than 425 responsible gaming ambassadors, which are specifically trained specialists that identify and detect problem gambling.

Lawrence Ho, CEO of Melco Comments on the Report

Here is what Melco’s CEO, Lawrence Ho had to say regarding the recent report: “One year on, amidst the current economic uncertainty, we remain firmly driven by our focus around our sustainability goals. They stand at the core of our strategy and have become part of daily operations for our entire workforce, from top to bottom.” Ho continued by saying that the company will continue its efforts in protecting the environment for the future generations.

According to Ho, the development and growth will be towards positive change but will also help with enhancing guest experiences. In conclusion, Ho stressed that it’s part of Melco’s philosophy to give back to the community, thus the company will continue to stand together with the people of Macau and aid communities which were impacted due to recent events.

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