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Maxima Compliance with a New QA Service

Maxima Compliance has launched a new service, Maxima Quality Assurance, to ease up the process of product certification for suppliers worldwide.

Maxima Compliance to Optimize Games Roll Out

Maxima Compliance, a full-service compliance agency specialized in regulatory and technical support, has launched Maxima Quality Assurance, a new QA service that eliminates issues, regarding product certification for suppliers.

The new service includes test scripts, ensuring that the product would reach the market without any issues. The QA guarantees no software problems and target jurisdiction compliance. Content developers would have the ability to streamline their product development and make sure that it is ready for certification before it goes to the test lab.

Maxima Compliance, COO Francesco Bianchi stated that problems could appear when games go to a test lab. This process can slow down the suppliers and take up a lot of their resources.

Bianchi’s Secrets for Successful Certification

Recently, in an exclusive column for, Bianchi shared some of the secrets of successful certification. He said that many would consider sending their content directly for certification when entering a new market. However, he said that many developers fail to integrate a compliance process into their expansion strategy.

Bianchi said: “By building your products alongside Maxima Quality Assurance, we can not only help you streamline processes but also avoid nasty surprises further down the line.”

According to him, integrating compliance into product development can turn out to be a “game-changer” for slot developers. It optimizes the certification process and ensures a positive outcome, while all along, it is cost-effective and helps companies avoid making crucial mistakes.

To achieve this, a company needs to upskill its team and bring more awareness of compliance issues. Complitech, the industry’s first technical compliance database, is a useful tool that can help integrate compliance.

Maxima Quality Assurance Available Worldwide

As Maxima Compliance is a worldwide support agency working across many regulated markets, Maxima Quality Assurance will also be a service available to providers from all over the world.

Maxima Compliance CEO, Antonio Zanghi, said: “This is an exciting new step for Maxima Compliance because it allows us to use our expertise to help partners optimize the roll-out of games in jurisdictions all over the world.”

He also stated that developers anticipated such a service for a long time, and Maxima Quality Assurance will revolutionize the way games roll out.


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