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Mattress Mack Returns With Massive Bet on the Astros

Mattress Mack is at it again and is showing that he’s willing to support the Houston Astros through thick and thin. Also known as Jim McIngvale, his real name, Mattress Mack is notorious for placing huge wagers on different sports events, especially on the Astros. He’s placed another, this time putting up $2 million that the Astros take the World Series. If they do, McIngvale will pick up $22 million, which should cover a lot of the losses he’s incurred over the years.

Mattress Mack Backs the Astros

The Astros are currently in a race against the Chicago White Sox to advance to the American League Conference Series (ALCS) game. They lead 2-1, with Game 4 of the best-of-five series to take place today. It was initially on the schedule for yesterday; however, was postponed due to rain. If the Astros win today, they secure their AL spot and advance to the ALCS finals.

Mattress Mack reportedly bet $2 million on the Astros to win the title, placing his bet on the William Hill mobile app. The sportsbook, now owned by Caesars Entertainment, had the Astros at +1000 to win the World Series when the wager was made, which means Mattress Mack stands to earn $22 million if they go all the way.

The payout would likely be the largest in US sports betting history, but Mattress Mack doesn’t wager just to wager. His bets are often tied to gimmicks to attract more business for his Gallery Furniture store, a model that is apparently working if he can lay out that much cash. In this case, according to comments he made to Action Network, McIngvale has $20 million tied up in a promotion at his store, which means he needs the Astros to win in order to cover. The promotion allows anyone who spends $3,000 or more at his store to receive a full refund if the Astros take the World Series.

Taking Risks is a Lifestyle

Mattress Mack, who threw out the first pitch in Game 1 of the Astros-White Sox matchup, has often placed big bets on the Astros, but they don’t always pay off. In 2019, he bet almost $13 million in total that the Astros would beat the Washington Nationals for the World Series title. He almost won, which would have netted him $31 million (winnings plus the original bet), but the Nats took Game 7 to win.

The long-time, deep-pocketed bettor already had money riding on the Astros this year. He put $3.5 million down on the Astros to win the World Series already, split between several sportsbooks. McIngvale said at the time that he planned on making more bets, and has now fulfilled that promise.


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