September 12, 2022 3 min read

Mattress Mack Invests in a Sports News Site

Jim McIngvale, also known as Mattress Mack, has unveiled a new sports news website. The site will be managed by experienced ex-Houston Chronicle members and will cover the latest developments in Texan and Louisianan sports.

Mattress Mack is best known for his flourishing furniture business, thus the nickname. However, he is also known for his passion for sports and his love for sports betting. When not operating Gallery Furniture, McIngvale would place huge bets on his favorite sports teams, which has turned him into a local celebrity.

The Texan has finally decided to contribute to the industry he so loves and launch a sports news site that will keep readers in Texas and Louisiana updated on what’s new in sports. The site will be called and will field an experienced team of sports news pros.

According to Matt Young from Houston Chronicle, Mattress Mack wants to create a site that will both keep readers informed and will channel them towards Gallery Furniture’s offerings. This way, McIngvale will contribute to his favorite sports sector while boosting his brand.

Young shared that’s team will include seasoned ex-Houston Chronicle professionals such as John Lopez, John McClain and Richard Justice.

McIngvale Loves Sports and Sports Betting

According to Young, is just the beginning of McIngvale’s involvement with sports. The reporter noted that Mattress Mack also plans to launch a sports betting news site at a later date.

In his interview with Young, Mack said that he and his son have always liked sports. As a result, they decided that this will be a great opportunity to connect with other sports fans and redirect them to Gallery Furniture as an added bonus.

As mentioned, McIngvale is an avid bettor, known for his ludicrous bets. During this year’s Super Bowl, the mattress magnate placed a $4.5 million wager on the Cincinnati Bengals during their game against the Los Angeles Rams. Sadly, the Bengals ended up losing and Mack’s money went down the drain. However, the sports betting enthusiast laughed it off and said that betting has never been something he wanted to make money from but rather an engaging pastime and a way for him to gain fame and promote his products.

My business philosophy is always: “Would customers miss us if we went out of business tomorrow?“

Jim McIngvale is now live. Sports fans can visit the site to check the latest Texas and Louisiana sports news for free.


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